When Molly appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk alongside partner Kelly, her body instantly caught the attention of TLC viewers. Many commented on her weight loss, with fans stating she “looks good” before and after.

Molly Hopkins first appeared on the dating show with ex-husband Luis, but has since formed a new happy relationship with Kelly Brown, as seen on spin-off series Single Life. Regardless of their relationship, her new look is catching eyes.

It took the mom-of-two six months to reach her ideal weight, and she has even let fans into her secret. The pounds were lost naturally – a topic Molly has been open about since sharing her journey to a lighter weight online.

Viewers react to Molly’s weight loss

Molly’s weight has significantly dropped during her time on 90 Day Fiance. Each episode, more fans notice just how different she looks compared to her initial TLC debut, and have commented on her impressive looks.

One wrote: “Everyone on #90DayFiance #PillowTalk is in their bags. Molly was always pretty, but she looks good tonight. Her hair >>>> Veronica is always pretty, too.”

A fan commented on her latest Instagram post with: “Look at you! Go girl, you’re looking so good and healthy.”

“YASSSS QUEEN! LOVE YOU SO MUCH. YOU LOOK GREAT,” a viewer told her. So her weight loss definitely hasn’t gone amiss, especially as the star often shares just how she achieved her new look.

How Molly Hopkins shed the pounds

Molly revealed that she took weight loss supplements to help her lose weight. She often promotes Plexus Health, a plant-based wellness brand that she claims has given her more energy.

She began her weight loss journey in 2021, shortly after she met her beau Kelly. The TLC star has now achieved a much more trimmed physique in just a year’s time, having kept up her motivation to maintain her lighter figure.

Her co-star Cynthia also pops up in several transformation pictures, as they both promote the products together. She has lost a significant amount of weight too, as demonstrated in the slender photo shared on their health-focused page.

90 Days: Her before and after transformation

Alongside Cynthia, Molly has been sharing regular updates on her weight loss journey. It was June 2021 when she first posted transformation pictures to demonstrate just how different she looks [see below].

She put down the weight loss in her body and face to “a few months of all natural plant based products”, which led to several fans commenting on just how well she’s doing as a result of her healthier lifestyle.

By summer 2021, Molly showed off her new figure in a bathing suit, when revealed she has lost a whopping 27 lbs. By October, the 90 Day Fiance star wore a flattering covered-up outfit which accentuated her curvy figure even more.



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