Luca Bish keeps saying the words “elephant juice” to Gemma Owen, an islander he’s coupled up with (AKA infatuated with). He’s dropped the phrase twice now, leaving Love Island viewers totally confused.

Since he stole Gemma from Davide, Luca has pretty much fallen head over heels for Gemma. The pair have been cuddling and smiling ever since she revealed she found him attractive, even when Danica took a risk and chose him.

Luca took to the doghouse instead of sleeping with bombshell Danica, who picked him during a recoupling. Gemma and Luca have since been giving each other kisses before bed, and are now recoupled again and back in the same bed.

So, just what is that “elephant juice” talk he keeps mentioning? What exactly does it mean? Well, don’t worry, we’re basically so obsessed with the ITV2 dating show that we’ve unpicked Luca’s random phrase.

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8: Ep19 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Gemma and Luca. This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and can only be re…

Viewers react to ‘elephant juice’

When Luca mentions the words “elephant juice”, fans get completely frazzled. Many viewers take to social media to ask exactly what he means by the phrase, but others are a little more clued up on the slang.

One fan said: “Nahhh, Gemma & Luca are not saying elephant juice.”

Another reacted: “What’s up with the “elephant juice”, must be an inside joke #LoveIsland.”

“Oh my gosh. Is elephant juice the way Luca and Gemma are saying they love each other?” responded a viewer.

The real meaning of Luca’s phrase

The phrase ‘elephant juice’ is known for looking like you are saying ‘I love you’, but without actually saying those three important words. Luca is basically confessing his love for Gemma without actually getting too serious.

He’s just having a bit of a play on words. The first time he said them, it made it look like his lips were saying ‘I love you’, before Gemma laughed and told him to stop it. Then in the recoupling, he said it again when she sat down with him.

Gemma has not yet been seen telling him the same words, but usually giggles when Luca says it. Fans who recognised that ‘elephant juice’ looks like ‘I love you’ have revealed they think it’s a bit much two weeks in.

Why Gemma didn’t stay in bed with Luca

When Gemma chose Davide for a recoupling – a second time – after Danica stole Luca from her, she stayed in bed for several nights next to the Italian stallion while Luca chose to stay in the doghouse bed.

Many were left completely confused about why Gemma didn’t sleep with him in the doghouse. However, past islanders have said she is not allowed to stay in the other bed with Luca unless they are sleeping outside.

So although Gemma got a lot of stick from viewers for sleeping with Davide instead of Luca, it appears that it wasn’t her choice. The rules are that islanders can only sleep with their partner as there is no day beds in this villa.

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR8: Ep14 on ITV2 and ITV Hub Pictured: Luca on a date with Danica. This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and ca…


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