Whether it’s to find love or not, the prospect of becoming an overnight celebrity has seen thousands of people apply for Love Island 2019.

Boasting more than three million viewers per-episode, almost anyone can forge a career in social media stardom, product placement and sporadic TV appearances thanks to the phenomenon of Love Island

Even last year’s one-day wonder Kendall Rae-Knight has amassed over 800,000 followers on Instagram.

With Love Island 2019 just around the corner, here’s what the average contestant should look like – based on the ages, sex, location and image the rest of the cast have delivered!

Screen Shot: Love Island Reunion – ITV

Love Island Average Age: 24

The ripe age for a potential Love Island contestant is 24, according to stats ‘n’ facts.

Last season’s Paul Knops, who was 31, is the oldest contestant in Love Island history while Bethany Rogers is the youngest after joining series 1 aged 18.

Roll on girls facing their mid-20’s crisis!

From ITV Studios Love Island: SR4: Ep14 on ITV2
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep14 on ITV2

Average Job: Model

So this one was easy to work out. The most common profession for a Love Island contestants is a model… obviously.

This is closely followed by personal trainers, while there have been quite a few dancers throughout the series, not least in series 4 with Samira Mighty.

Other popular Islander careers include anything to do with make-up or hair, and there seems to be the odd carpenter chucked in their just keep things slightly mixed up.

From ITV Studios Love Island: SR4: Ep45 on ITV2 Pictured: Love Island Paul Knops in Beach Hut.
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep45 on ITV2
Pictured: Love Island Paul Knops is a carpenter!

Love Island Average Location: London

London takes the crown by a mile, with a huge percentage of contestants from England’s capital city.

If you’re from Manchester or Newcastle then you also serve a strong chance of popping up on the show, with more Love Islander’s coming from the North of England than the South – if you were to exclude London.

From ITV Studios Love Island: SR4: Ep32 on ITV2 Kazimir Crossley height and weight.
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep32 on ITV2
Kazimir Crossley, from London.

Average Sex: Female

You may expect the male and female divide to be 50/50 yet it’s not.

There have been more females chucked into the mix over the three years, with the recoupling power remaining in the hands of foolish men.

Love Island Average Hair Colour: Light

In general, there have been more dark-haired contestants than light, although this isn’t the case for the females.

Love Island has been criticised for sticking to a ‘tall, dark and handsome’ stereotype in men and  ‘blue-eyed, blonde-haired women’ stereotype in women.

Nevertheless, we feel like there will be more of the same stereotypes in 2019!

From ITV Studios - The Love Island app
From ITV Studios – The Love Island Bombshells.

The Ultimate Love Island Contestant

So here you have it. Based on averages across the four series, the ultimate Love Island contestant should look like this;

A light-haired, 24-year-old female model from London.

Sound about right?


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