Who is Toby on Ready to Mingle and is he related to Danny Williams?

Who is Toby on Ready to Mingle and is he related to Danny Williams?

Toby Bougouneau is one of 12 guys on ITV2’s new show Ready To Mingle, boasting a resemblance to Love Island’s Danny Williams.

Each boy is in the show for the money or honey, meaning they have girlfriends in on the deal to win £25,000, or they’re really in it for lurrrvvve.

Sophia Maria is the single girl of the series – who Toby has to win over – and has to figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Toby was automatically thought to have a link to Love Island’s 2019 contestant Danny Williams, and Reality Titbit has the lowdown.

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Ready to Mingle | This September | ITV2 & ITV Hub

Ready to Mingle | This September | ITV2 & ITV Hub

Who is Toby on Ready to Mingle?

Toby is a model and post graduate university student from Manchester.

He has never been in a relationship before – a bit like another Toby from a different ITV2 dating show…

The contestant graduated in business management from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2020, and now works for J’Adore Models.

Originally from Exeter, he is now based in Manchester.

A sucker for blue eyes, Toby is looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and that is quite similar to him.

Is Toby related to Danny Williams?

  • There is no confirmation that Toby and Danny could be related.

At the time of writing, there are several rumours that they “must be related”, but neither Danny or Toby has addressed them.

Toby does actually follow Danny, so he may already be aware of their resemblance, while the Ready to Mingle star is friends with Anton Danyluk.

As Anton was on season five, like Danny, there is a potential cross-link that he may know Toby through him…

They almost look like twins, but so far, any relations are unconfirmed.

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Toby’s height and Instagram

Toby fits Sophia’s requirement for someone to be tall, as she is 5 ft 8.

He is 6’2 ft 5, and if you were in interested, a shoe size 10!

The Ready to Mingle contestant said he is “not that big” during his introduction, but added that he makes up for it in his height.

Looking through Toby’s Instagram, he has over 4.3K followers and is often out with the boys, or chilling in London.

He regularly gets away, usually in Ibiza, and seems to live a lavish lifestyle, from owning a BMW to visiting The Shard in London.



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