As The Cabins gets well underway on ITV2, we have watched the romance between Olivia and Tom unfold. So are they still together?

The couple were seen leaving as an “exclusive Cabins couple” on Wednesday night, having spent a few nights there together.

Olivia was treated to a Channing Tatum-inspired strip dance during their last day together, which left quite the effect on viewers.

So are Tom and Olivia still together? Here’s the latest updates…

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Tom and Olivia: The Cabins journey

Tom, 26, from Leeds, and 22-year-old Olivia, from Hull, were matched on the dating show, as shown from the first episode.

She opened up to him about men that haven’t treated her well, with her later telling Tom he showed her men aren’t all the same.

During their stint, they shared a bed together and several kisses, with their time in the Cabins ending with a strip tease from Tom.

They left as an exclusive Cabins couple, with Tom saying he wanted to make it work, and earlier revealing that he can’t be fully himself in there.

However, he did tell her he thought she would go back to “what she knows”, hinting at her previous dating experience.

Are Tom and Olivia still together now?

  • No

Aside from there being no new posts of Olivia and Tom together, the Entertainment Gazette revealed that he had a girlfriend the whole time.

Posts on Tom’s Instagram of him and his girlfriend were reportedly deleted after the Entertainment Gazette posted an article with the exclusive news.

He is allegedly still dating his girlfriend, despite what happened while filming the show, and denied kissing Olivia.

However, on The Cabins Reunion which aired on Sunday (January 24th), Tom said it was 100 percent not true.

Olivia said she thought it might be a little bit true, and said that the girl’s sister-in-law had messaged her following the last episode of The Cabins.

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Tom and Olivia: Post-show updates

Customer service worker Olivia seems to have taken on the role of an influencer, telling fans where her Instagram outfits are from.

She went on to hint that The Cabins “won’t be the last time you see her on your screens”, which could mean she is appearing on another show.

National business development manager Tom, on the other hand, said he is excited to get dressed up and go out somewhere, after the lockdown.

He regularly takes selfies in the mirror, showing off his muscly physique.



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