Love Island has given us countless bombshell moments during the past seven years so here’s a list of our favourite brutal highlights.

Love Island 2022 is only ten days in and Casa Amor has already given us the summer drama we crave.

Our jaws dropped after finding out newcomer Jacques O’Neill was Gemma Owen’s ex, while Liam Llewellyn’s unexpected exit already has us missing the flirty Welsh lad.

We still have two months of series 8 to gossip about, so in the meantime let’s take a trip down memory lane for the most explosive moments.

Supreme Team | Official Trailer | Showtime

Supreme Team | Official Trailer | Showtime

These Love Islanders had no chill

Season 1 – Jordan’s ex-girlfriend Jasmine turns up and reveals he dumped her by text

Jordan Ring got the shock of his life when his ex Jasmine turned up to the villa. Their screaming match proved their romance didn’t end on good terms – Jordan allegedly dumped her by text – the audacity!

“No matter what you did to me I could never f****** hurt you, and all I was asking from you is just closure and you wouldn’t talk to me, you dumped me by text.”

Watch the video here.

This meme is accurate:

There was some eavesdropping going on in the villa:

Despite Jasmine’s tears, some still weren’t on her team:

Season 2 – the Mug Shot game

The cast’s candid conversations were revealed in a game called Mug Shot in which the islanders guessed the gossip being spread behind their backs – juicy. If correct, the members were showered in tea.

Tom labelled Adam’s looks as underwhelming, calling him “every other guy in Wales,” while Sophie revealed Tom genuinely “wasn’t the one for me”.

Season 3 – Marcel tells Gabby he loves her

Marcel accidentally dropped the L-bomb and Gabby calmly brushed it off with some nervous laughter. It’s ok, though, even Marcel was shocked and tried to play it off.

Season 3 – Camilla defends her stance on feminism during clash with Jonny

Jonny told Camilla he would “feel emasculated” if a girl paid on a date, leaving the humanitarian worker in shock. “I would feel really awkward if I didn’t pay half,” she said, before he added with a giggle: “You’re a feminist, aren’t you?”

She shut him down with “shouldn’t we all be?” before launching into a debate on the lack of female opportunity in the UK.

Season 3 – Johnny tells Theo he’s a ‘gigantic b******’

The lads almost got into an altercation after Jonny called Theo a “gigantic b******” after the latter chose to couple up with Tyla. Don’t forget Theo went as far as labelling Jonny a “tuna melt”.

Season 4 – Haley swerves Alex

During the Excess Baggage game, Dr Alex leaned in for a kiss but Haley swerved and rejected the smooch.

Season 5 – Anna blasts Jordan for leaving with another girl two days later

Two days after asking Anna to be his “chick”, Jordan was having second thoughts and set his eyes on India instead. Anna wasn’t having it and went off on him in front of the other islanders, calling him a “piece of s***”.

What a roller coaster.



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