Jack Fowler’s time on Love Island 2018 granted him with a brand new nickname.

Now, following his first tweet since leaving the villa, Jack has recognised the nickname and sent his appreciation!

It’s official – Jack Fowler is Oluwajack.

Where Did Oluwajack Come From?

Jack joined the Island crew on day 26, with the term ‘Oluwajack’ surfacing on Twitter the very next day.

After hearing his unusual accent, some sections of social media believed that it sounded Nigerian. And, with the word Oluwa meaning Our Lord and often making up part of a name, the term ‘Oluwajack’ was given to the 22-year-old from London.

This was the first ever ‘Oluwajack’ tweet!

Where is Jack Fowler From?

Jack announced in a later episode that he was, in fact, half Sentinelese.

The Sentinelese are a group of indigenous people of North Sentinel Island, which is in the Andaman Islands of India.

On the episode, Jack said that it was “in-between South Africa and South America”, although that doesn’t make much sense.

It has since been reconfirmed that Jack actually has family roots linking back to St Helena.

On a MAP: This is where Love Island’s new Jack is from!

Accepting Oluwajack on Twitter

Not long after Jack had escaped the Love Island villa and swapped his Island mobile for his real one, the 22-year-old sent a message of approval to his fans.

Included in his thankyou message, however, Jack added the hashtags #oluwajack and #blackjack, which have been trending ever since his arrival.

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