The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins has been something of an overpowering force in E4 series Celebs Go Dating.

Leaving dates early, refusing to pay and angling her topic of conversation towards money has made Gemma an unpopular figure on social media.

And don’t take that lightly, check out this opinion piece . . .

However, the Celebs Go Dating agency had always let Gemma off lightly, despite citing her as “there most difficult client ever”.

But, in episode 16, four away from the grand finale, and dating specialists Eden and Nadia finally lost their rag with ‘The GC’.

Trouble in Paris

It all started in Paris, when Gemma left date Lawrence waiting on a train platform for two hours.

Given, at least Lawrence wasn’t stood up outside the Kings Cross Pret A Manger in the freezing cold, but it was an act of rudeness that highlighted Gemma’s general personality in the show.

Nobody seems to be good enough for her.

A Needed Dressing Down

The dating gurus brought Gemma in for a good telling off, which social media obviously loved. Gemma tried to justify her actions by stating that she did “get up and do her hair” but “sat in traffic for 30 minutes and wasn’t feeling Paris”.

So, what did Gemma do with her time instead of eloping to one of the most romantic cities in the world?

Gemma said: “I did a marathon of the Kardashians, had a cheeky bar of Galaxy and got a spray tan.”

Despicably unimpressed Eden exploded in anger, admitting he “didn’t think she’d ever do this” and that he was “really f*cked off”.

To try and pull on the guilt strings of Gemma’s heart, the crafty dating specialists had a trick up their sleeve, bringing Lawrence directly into the situation.

Unexpected Ending

However, as Gemma whimpered her apologies to Lawrence, the Celebs Go Dating agency had their plans come tumbling down when he accepted the TOWIE stars shady apology.

He even agreed to a second date!

Nadia added: “I’m not sure what I’ve just witnessed but Lawrence, get a backbone.”

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