There is a huge debate going down on social media between Celebs Go Dating co-stars ‘Muggy’ Mike Thalassitis and Sam Thompson.

Eight episodes into the Channel 4 dating series and both love hopefuls have put their dating strengths and weaknesses on show.

Here, we take a look at Twitter to see who is wining over the hearts of the Great British public.

Would you rather date Sam Thompson or Muggy Mike?

The Sam Thompson Problem

Sam Thompson received an absolute grilling from the Celebs Go Dating agency during the latest episode of the show.

Labelled “untrustworthy” because of his false promises to girls about having a second date, the agency said:

“Don’t you understand you are spouting a load of lies.”

Sam attempted to defend himself but was eventually overpowered by the wrath of the agency who gave him a last warning when it comes to leading on girls.

When it comes to his dating style and Sam is renown as a bit of a blabber mouth. He likes to let his tongue run and openly talks about any given topic on his dates, self-confessing to enjoying what he describes as “funny chat”.

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson
Screen Shot: Sam Thompson

He has previously mentioned a sincere love of dinosaurs – in fact on more than occasion he’s done a tyrannosaurus-rex impression – alongside knowledge of Harry Potter spells, and basically coming across to some viewers as a big kid.

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson
Screen Shot: Sam Thompson
Screen Shot: Sam Thompson
Screen Shot: Sam Thompson

On episode eight he asked date Mille:

“Would you rather have the taste of Toxic Waste sweet permanently in your mouth or Wotsits crisp dust on your fingers forever?”

Many fans of the show have fallen head over heels for the Made in Chelsea star, adoring his quirky personality and confidence to come out of his shell with jokes and wit.

Yet to others, he’s too immature.

The Mike Thalassitis Conundrum

Boasting an extreme contrast in personality and dating style, former Love Island contestant ‘Muggy’ Mike has faced a different set of problems all together when it comes to his dates.

He has scored the highest rating out of all the blokes on Celebs Go Dating, earning a score of eight or nine out 10 and often grabbing a sneaky snog too.

That said, his off-camera persona has fuelled hatred on Twitter. Literally, hatred.

After one date and Mike said:

“‘I don’t fancy her so I don’t care what her name is,” – having repeatedly got her name wrong throughout the date.

Mike comes across as cold and calculated when dating. Although it may seem like his mental cogs are turning over in super slow motion, you can tell from his character that the Essex lad is actually playing to his strengths.

Boasting smouldering pouts and an overall look that seems to melt women into puddles of ecstasy, the less said approach seems to work best for Mike.

Leading conversations like an alpha male and pretty much always mentioning sex, some social media fans love a bit of cock-sure Mike.

Others find him utterly repulsive.

The Big Question

Both Mike and Sam have completely different personalities, leaving the big question as to whether you would rather date quirky Sam or confident Mike?

Comment below!

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