TLC’s Unexpected couple Tyra and Alex have been on fan’s minds, who have begun wondering if they are still together in 2021.

The series follows the lives of teenage pregnancies, as couples navigate through becoming parents for the first time ever.

Tyra and Alex are amongst the couples captured on camera this series, and now viewers are hoping to get the lowdown on their relationship status.

So are the Unexpected couple still together? What happened next for them?

Screenshot: Tyra and Alex’s Evolving Relationship | Unexpected, TLC YouTube

Tyra and Alex on Unexpected

Tyra, 19, was the third teenager to have a baby in her family in one year.

Her boyfriend Alex Wilson, 19, is the dad to their daughter Layla.

She has been shown as living with Alex and his family during the series, despite not having been allowed to stay at his before she fell pregnant.

They revealed most of their time is spent tending to Layla, and that Tyra is not hoping to get pregnant again as they are using contraception.

In recent episodes, Alex’s mum returned with her boyfriend after she left him as a baby, and Tyra was left in tears following a stranger moving in.

Are Tyra and Alex still together?

Tyra and Alex broke up in January 2020. It happened after Tyra went to college away from home, which then put a strain on their relationship.

She announced the break-up on her YouTube channel, where she said she has “a lot of trust issues for other reasons” and that “it’s not fair for him”.

Tyra added that they are focusing on being the best parents for Layla, and that they will worry about their relationship status when she leaves school.

However, they are still in a relationship on Facebook, and she commented “my luvs” on a photo of Alex and Layla in July 2020.

They have not made an official statement about them getting back together, but Tyra and Alex were wearing matching tops with their names on (with a picture of them on them), as posted to her story on January 24th.

What are Tyra and Alex up to now?

Tyra is focusing on her education at Campbellsville University, away from home, where she is a cheerleader for the college sports team.

She recently posted a photo of her daughter Layla in her new home, so it looks like Tyra might have moved out.

Alex spends most of his time looking after Layla in Russellville, Kentucky.

He does not post regular updates, and appears to keep things more private.



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