7 things Season Eight of The Undateables taught us about dating

Season Eight of The Undateables came to its close last night (Monday, 29 January, 2018).

The series finale of the Channel 4 reality TV documentary came just four episodes into the season, leaving viewers gutted about the prospect of starting the week without their favourite dating stars.

In fact, many have been left in heart-melting agony upon the realisation that the end of The Undateables marks the close of genuine, honest and likeable reality TV characters.

Instead, Channel 4 will welcome Celebs Go Dating back to our screens from Sunday, January 4, while a new series of Made in Chelsea is set ot make its comeback in March.

But, to celebrate the heroics we’ve witnessed in Season Eight of The Undateables, here are 7 things we have learnt about dating from the incredible personalities on the show.

7. It’s the thought that counts

Throughout the series and we were treated to magic moments of pure chivalry that most of us believed were no-longer existent in 2018’s dating world .

Being British and all, nothing revs us up more than an act of sporadic politeness. Our favourite quote came during episode four of the season, where it was proved that romance truly is about the thought and the thought alone.

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6. Always be yourself

In shows like ITV2-hit Love Island, we often witness couple pairing up for the sake of it.

On The Undatebales however, we watched as dates exploded into success and crashed down into epic failure due to individuals reluctance to be anything but their selves.

We love it! How else are you going to find the one if you can’t be yourself.

5. The perfect match is out there

Most of us in the dating game can be pretty cut-throat when it comes to finding Mr or Mrs right.

Fortunately, The Undateables Season Eight proved that the perfect love match is often closer than you’d think.

The heart-warming instant connection between Jason and Jodie on their first date put Twitter fans into a frenzy to say the least.


4. Nerves are normal

Many of the characters on The Undateables suffered from serious bouts of apprehension and panic attacks, and no more so than Luke.

Sweaty palms and a stomach wrapped up in in knots is nothing compared to the student from Hull and his Tourettes Syndrome.

He refused to let the ticks get in the way of dating however, and powered through his dates to shelve nerves onto the backseat for good.


 3. Sometimes slow is best

Most dating shows need to push the boundaries of raunchiness to keep viewers hooked. Whether it’s under the duvet sex scenes or secret camera snogging action, people are starting to get a bit sick of the same old trash.

If you were in need of reassurance that taking it slow is actually like 100% okay, The Undateables had you covered.

Season Eight provided us with the tenderest of hugs, handshakes and the odd peck on the cheek.


2. Having a type is fine

Many of us may feel as if we are narrowing down our pool of potential love interests a little too much. It’s hard not to flick through Instagram and develop a taste for only A-list celebrities with mousy brown hair, deep green eyes, a narrow jawline and 0.46cm thick eyebrows. You know, for instance.

But as Sam taught us, having a specific type is good.

“I like Luke Evans who played Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, Duncan from Blue, Chris Pine and the Hemsworth brothers – you can’t have one without the other.”

Sam went on to find plenty of dates and highlighted specific attributes from his celebrity crushes in each date.

1. We’re all insecure

The most heartbreaking scene from Season Eight came in episode one with Becky, challenged by scoliosis, confessing how she was unsure of how a man could ever want to be with her.

But, despite these thoughts, she showed the bravery and confidence to go out and grab a number. Go’on girl!


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