Victoria from The Bachelor bra meme explored - fans react to her 'straps'!

Victoria from The Bachelor revealed she had seen the bra strap memes about her going round – by announcing it on the ABC series last night.

While Matt James whittles the dating competition down to a select few – who he feels the largest connection with – there is other drama going on.

Victoria, otherwise known as ‘Queen Victoria‘ on The Bachelor, said that her calling people names is “equivalent to memes about her bra straps”.

So, let’s have a look into this bra meme about Victoria from The Bachelor, and get the lowdown on exactly what it is all about.

Screenshot: Victoria Clashes With Marylynn | The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation Youtube

Who is Victoria from The Bachelor?

Victoria, 28, from Los Angeles, California, refers to herself as a Queen.

She used to travel regularly, but says she has since outgrown her jetsetting.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

The Bachelor star is an entrepreneur who has launched several of her own health and beauty businesses, such as tanning firm JetSetGlo.

Victoria is into meditation and spirituality, and has a Goldendoodle Coco!

Victoria bra memes explored

Several memes relating to Victoria’s bra straps showing have circulated social media while she has appeared on The Bachelor.

It got to the point where people were saying she was no longer wearing a bra, after the memes began to be shared.

Fans of The Bachelor seemed to be getting annoyed that her straps could be seen the majority of the time that she wore an outfit.

Victoria reacts to bra memes on-screen

Viewers filled Twitter with reactions to Victoria’s revelation, when she said that her calling people nicknames is the same as the bra strap memes.

This caused even more backlash, as the majority have accused her of bullying throughout the show, which they don’t agree is the equivalent.

She tried to defend herself, by saying that calling the other girls “hoes” and “sluts” was the same as people mocking her for her on-show bra straps.



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