Who is Vinny's girlfriend? Rumors as Jersey Shore star spotted with new woman!

Rumor has it that MTV’s Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino has been spotted with a new woman. But who is she, and what’s the latest news?

Known for partying it up on the reality TV show, viewers usually get the gossip when tuning into Jersey Shore: Family Vacation each Thursday night.

However, fans have been speculating that Vinny was seen with a new woman, who is rumored to be Lashae Monique – but this is unconfirmed.

We unpicked the rumors to figure out whether Vinny is actually in a new relationship, and find out what fans are saying about it.

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 4) Supertease | MTV

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 4) Supertease | MTV

Vinny spotted with ‘new woman’

Vinny went out for his co-star DJ Pauly D’s birthday dinner, where it appeared a woman was sat next to him.

Pauly was celebrating with his girlfriend Nikki Hall, as well as some other guests, but viewers instantly questioned who the woman with Vinny is.

Double Shot at Love’s third season will focus on Vinny forming a relationship with a new woman, which comes out later this year.

Jersey Shore fans react to Vinny’s ‘new girl’

A Reddit thread started by a fan said: “Vinny and his ‘new girl’ were out celebrating for Pauly D’s birthday last night.”

They added a photo of Vinny and the mystery woman sat at the dinner party, which took place on Sunday July 4.

One fan responded with: “She’s cute but we’ll see how long this lasts lol.”

Another praised the potential new romance, and said: “Regardless of what their relationship details are, it’s nice to see Vinny with a date for a change.

“She’s cute and he looks like he’s having fun.”

Some fans think that the woman is just a friend to Vinny, and have brushed off rumors that they could be in a relationship.

“I don’t think this is his girlfriend. I think this is someone he chills with…..he’s living his best life,” one fan wrote.

Who is Vinny’s girlfriend?

  • Speculation says that Lashae Monique could be Vinny’s girlfriend

However, these rumors have not been confirmed by either of them.

Fans say that Lashae and Vinny have been hanging out for months, but this could just be on a friendship basis.

In the shared photo of them, they are not touching each other, and do not appear to be kissing or cuddling.

It would make sense if Vinny has found a new woman, as he was spotted filming for Double Shot at Love season 3 several months ago.

Lashae is a model who works for Wehmann Models and Click Models, as well as a student at University of Minnesota.



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