Love Island star Alexandra Cane stunned fans during one of the sexiest scenes of Love Island 2018.

The 27-year-old brunette beauty got dressed up in her raunchiest lingerie as she prepared for a romantic evening in the Hideaway with Dr Alex George.

Naturally, Alex cuddled his way through the night, although Love Island fans are still collecting their jaws from the floor following Alexandra’s reveal in some seriously sexy underwear.

Take a look…

My Fanny Just Fluttered

After the announcement that Alex and Alexandra would spend the night in the Hideaway, Alexandra scuppered off to the bedroom to find something “cute to wear”.

Changing into a thong, bra, heels and see-through nightgown, the outfit was definitely more on the sexy scale than it was the ‘cute’ spectrum.

Alexandra said: Is this too much?”



Dani Dyer was completely blown away by her gal-pals curvy figure, and she quipped one of the quotes of the season as she tried desperately hard not to be overwhelmed by Alexandra’s physique.

P.S spot Kazimir Crossley having a good snoop over the shower door!

Dani said: OMG babe, my fanny just fluttered!”



Oh Hell!

If Dani Dyer’s reaction was anything to go by, fans couldn’t wait to see how Dr Alex would react when faced with such a fiery package of pure raunchiness.

Unfortunately, however, the best comment that Alex could muster was; “why are you wearing that?”.

Twitter was not impressed…

To the Hideaway

Alexandra strutted her stuff through the villa as the rest of the boys pretty much dropped dead at the sight of her lingerie.

Dragging Alex into the Hideaway, the pair stared one other down and held a long kiss.

It’s all up to you Alex George. Do you have an equally sexy outfit to bring to the table?





Alex dressed as a jazzy Aladdin.

The couple didn’t get involved in any ‘naughty business’ during their night in the Hideaway, although we can confirm that Alex is desperate to take his girl for a spin on his magic carpet next time around.