Seeking Sister Wife: What do the Snowdens do? Careers explored!

Seeking Sister Wife: What do the Snowdens do? Careers explored!

The Snowden family are one of several couples who feature on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. The question is, what do they do for a living?

It follows several couples, including the polygamist lives of Ashley and Dimitri Snowden, who had invited Vanessa into their relationship.

We often get to see the reality of families featured on the Seeking Sister Wife, the spin-off TLC series of Sister Wives, when it airs every Monday.

So, what do the Snowdens do? Fans are starting to wonder what their jobs are, when they are not busy looking for a new wife.

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Who are the Snowdens?

Dimitri and Ashley are a married couple who head the Snowden family.

They are parents to three children Nenu, Nio and Nari.

Based in California, in the United States, the family’s journey to find a new wife has been closely documented on Seeking Sister Wife.

They were formerly in a relationship with Vanessa, who decided to leave the family in May 2019, after the Snowdens had a wedding celebration.

What do the Snowdens do for a living?

Dimitri Snowden is an ontological architect who owns an IT company.

According to his website bio, an ontological architect is someone who uses artificial intelligence to understand the world around you in a better way.

He reportedly created the lithium-ion AA micro USB rechargeable battery.

His wife Ashley is a dancer and singer, who is best known for being an environmentalist and reality TV personality.

Together, the couple own a CBD company called Snowden Botanicals and the Shift Gets Real podcast.

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The Snowdens: Net worth

  • They have a estimated combined net worth of $1 million

Given that they own a business and have invented several products, Dimitri and his family must live a comfortable life.

In addition, the couple’s net worth has gone significantly higher since joining the cast of Seeking Sister Wife.

As Dimitri and Ashley continue to become known in the TV industry, it’s likely that their net worth may rise even more in coming years.



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