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What does PHD stand for sexually? Love Island meaning explained!

During the heart rate challenge on Love Island, Millie revealed that Teddy’s “PHD” was in her face – and she didn’t mean the qualification.

The strip tease challenge was back, which saw the girls and guys get dressed up in wacky outfits and try to get the Islander’s hearts racing.

When Teddy came out suited and booted, Faye‘s heart rate was increased the most by his performance. For Millie, she had his “PHD” near her face.

When she addressed that she was not talking about the science kind of PHD, viewers were left confused about exactly what she means. We explain here.

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

What does PHD mean sexually?

  • PHD means ‘pretty huge d*ck’

When Millie revealed that she had Teddy’s “PHD” in her face, she added that she was not on about the science qualification.

In the real world, PHD just means getting a doctor of philosophy qualification, which is what Priya is working towards getting!

Some viewers thought it could mean ‘pretty hard d*ck’, but the slang meaning is actually ‘pretty huge d*ck’.

So therefore, Millie was confirming Faye’s claims that his piece is, well, on the larger side, from what she saw during the strip tease challenge.

Fans react to ‘PHD’ on Love Island

While some viewers were confused about what ‘PHD’ means sexually, others were pretty clued up on what the three letters stand for.

“Please what’s Phd? Apparently it’s got nothing to do with science. I want to know”, a curious viewer asked on Twitter.

And it was an awkward night for those watching with their parents…

One said: “Watching the Raunchy challenge with my mum was the worst decision I’ve made in 2021. She keeps asking me what PHD stands for.”

Another cheered on Millie’s hilarious comment, and wrote: “Millie is funny. PHD”, with the addition of laughing emojis.

“Millie said PHD ain’t got anything to do with science. it really doesn’t babe but I see what you tried to do there”, said a fan.

Other Love Island 2021 code words

If you hear the word ‘graduation’ on this year’s show, it usually means they have had s*x. It is a code word made up by the female Islanders.

The NVQ levels are the different intimacy levels that have taken place between a couple on the 2021 Love Island series.

On the outside world, NVQ are actually National Vocational Qualifications.

They are usually practical work-based awards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that are achieved through assessment and training.

However, it means a totally different thing in the villa. Here’s the different NVQ levels listed to avoid further confusion:

  1. Entry level NVQ – Kissing
  2. NVQ1 – S*xual act using hands
  3. NVQ2 – Oral s*x
  4. NVQ3 – S*x



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