What does Tayshia's dad do? The Bachelorette viewers recognise the star's father!

Long-time viewers of The Bachelor recognised Tayshia Adams’ father during the ABC grand finale – so what does he do?

He appeared in the finale, warning Tayshia that it’s his job to protect her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

However, fans instantly realised that they have seen him on the show before, leading them to wonder what his job is.

So what does Tayshia’s dad do for a living? Why do we recognise him?

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Who is Tayshia’s father?

Desmond Adams is a father-of-four, to Tayshia, her two brothers Desmond Jr and Brice, and sister Dominique.

He is married to Rosario Adams. They raised their children together in Orange County, California.

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Tayshia regularly turns to her dad for approval when it comes to men.

She has described her dad as “kind of a hard ass” and “intimidating”.

When have viewers seen Tayshia’s father?

  • Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season

Her dad first appeared on the show when Tayshia made her debut in The Bachelor franchise in 2019.

She was one of the final two contestants, alongside Hannah Godwin.

Desmond questioned Colton on their home patio, which involved asking him whether he was also falling in love with his other contestants.

He came back on the latest season of The Bachelorette, in the finale.

What does Tayshia’s dad do for a living?

  • Desmond is a debt settlement manager

He works at debt settlement firm Settle It, in Orange County, California.

Desmond used to work at Morgan Drexen, which went bankrupt.

It reportedly lost a lawsuit from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which said it “charged illegal upfront fees and deceived consumers”.



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