Eagled-eyed viewers have spotted a mysterious-looking letter P which has flashed up on screen throughout the series, so Reality Titbit has done some digging to find out the hidden meaning.

A previous study found that more than 90% of adults were puzzled about the meaning of the letter P appearing on screen.

Fans react to mysterious letter P

Fans have noticed the tactical product placement of sponsored products around the villa and they have taken to Twitter to share their dismay.

One wrote: “The boots soltan product placement in this kaz/tyler conversation is so funny to me”.

While another said: “This is some of the worst staged product placement I’ve seen in my life”.

Others chimed in:

“The product placement on #LoveIsland is truly awful and blatantly obvious… It only highlights how scripted this show is”.

“I love Mabel but that was the most cringe “product placement” ever”. This viewer was referring to the massive ‘Spotify’ signs surrounding the singer while she performed for the annual party.

What does the letter ‘P’ mean?

  • ‘P’ stands for product advertisement.

The letter P has been seen throughout the series and often comes before moments in the garden or in the dressing room when the Islander’s suncream and make-up products are on display.

Fans have also spotted them ahead of shots of conveniently placed bottles of face cream and shower gel in the bathroom.

The Ps also appear on the screen before Islanders get a text and hold up their Samsung phones.

However, some fans noticed the absence of the letter in some scenes, such as when the Islanders go on dates and pop bottles of champagne. So the question is why?

Well, it is clear that when the islanders are drinking alcohol the labels are removed from the bottles to avoid any issues with the drinks companies and advertising regulations.

Why do they have to use it?

The use of the symbol is part of a carefully structured plan that ensures that Love Island bosses can manage how products are shown throughout the series.

How many sponsors does this series have?

Love Island has earned a whopping £12 million for this series from a range of advertisers signing up making it one of the most commercialised programs on British television.

  • Tinder
  • Boots
  • Cloud Nine
  • JD Sports
  • WKD
  • Spotify
  • Tik Tok

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