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Zay on Catfish: The TV Show

What happened to Catfish's Zay and Jayda? Fans react to 'wildest' episode of MTV series!

MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show brings twists, turns and shocking revelations to every episode.

Hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford help friends and lovers go from talking over the phone  to meeting in real life – or at least through a virtual call where they can see each other. The 2020 all-virtual season involves couples who may have been speaking online for years, and want to uncover the truth about their Internet lover.

Its recent episode shocked viewers as Zay feared that her online love Jayda might be a catfish – someone who isn’t who they claim they are – but what happened to the pair? We find out more about their ‘relationship’ now!

Screenshot: Zay and Jayda’s messages on Catfish: The TV Show, Season 8 Episode 17, MTV

Zay and Jayda’s relationship on the MTV series

Female barber Zay, 23, lives just outside of Tampa and is married. Zay has been with her wife for three years, however everything “changed” when they tied the knot a year ago.

Zay said she didn’t feel like she had anything she felt she could talk to, until she met Jayda. Jayda had DM’ed her online five months ago, which is when they started messaging non-stop. At the time, Zay was trying to hide the relationship from her wife Elsa. She said:

I’ve never had anyone in my life who cared for me like that. Two months into talking, things had gotten serious between us and while I knew stepping out on a marriage wasn’t okay, I really wanted to meet Jayda.

However Jayda didn’t want to meet Zay until she told her wife, however Jayda still said she couldn’t meet Zay despite her spilling the beans on her online affair. However the catfish revelation started to unfold. It turned out that Jayda was a false name and that she was a ‘catfish’.

She was a friend of Zay and Eris that Zay had previously had dating history with. Her name was Makeda – who has previously made an appearance on the MTV Catfish series. She made an allegedly false claim that she had also slept with Eris a couple of days after sleeping with Zay.

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Where are Zay and Jayda now?

At the time of the show, Zay revealed she is still legally married to her wife Eris, and they are still living together. However Zay has her own place now, according to the show.

It has been reported that the married couple are now working on building their relationship together, following Zay’s appearance on Catfish: The TV Show. Zay told Bustle that her and Makeda have been in contact twice and said:”She reached out to me to apologize for what she had done and that was really it.”

Fans react to ‘wildest’ episode of Catfish: The TV Show

Viewers took to social media to discuss their shock of Episode 17 of the show’s eighth season. One person said that the incident between Zay and Makeda was “messy”, while another said: “This is entanglement to the max.”



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