What happened to Thomas Jacobs on The Bachelorette? Katie Thurston explains his elimination

Katie Thurston will be meeting with the eliminated suitors in the latest episode of The Bachelorette and everybody has one question, what happened to Thomas Jacobs and why was he sent home?

The Men Tell All will sees the suitors indulge in an intense discussion regarding their journey on show, their feeling for the bachelorette and most importantly Thomas’s exit, that baffled the viewers. 


A look at Week 4 elimination  

Thomas was sent home by Katie in the fourth week of The Bachelorette. While she stated his “intentions” about becoming the next bachelor as the reason to dump him, she revealed later that there was more to his exit. 

During her appearance on the Viall Files podcast, Katie said fans didn’t get the complete picture. She noted, “There’s so much you can show in a two-hour episode.”

She further added, “One thing that I wish was shown — which was the nail in the coffin for me — was Thomas came forward and said he was mean to Tre [Cooper]. And Tre is the most kind-hearted man.”

American Rust (2021) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME

American Rust (2021) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME

What Katie feels about the ex-bachelor

At the time of the elimination during the rose ceremony, Katie told Thomas that she didn’t want to continue her journey with him as she was convinced that he was a “liar”. 

“You told me things I wanted to hear. But what I learned about you tonight is you’re selfish, unkind, and a liar. Your Bachelor audition ends tonight. So get out,” Katie said. 

And, during the podcast she further noted that she had to make “quick decisions” and she was just “over” him. 

Fans react to Thomas’s elimination

Although it’s been a while since Thomas was sent home, the trailer for Season 17’s Men Tell All has sparked interest in the viewers about the ex-bachelor.

Several of them took to Twitter to express their opinion about the next episode where Thomas’ exit is discussed.

One wrote, lol not production using Thomas AGAIN for promo in this Men Tell All. this “villain” storyline they’re still pushing is….embarrassing.”

Another added, “I hope Katie isn’t falling for Thomas’ bullshit.”

One tweeted, “He absolutely did not know, and was trying to manipulate Katie into keeping him under the guise that he had pivotal information she needed. His bluff failed, and know he’s trying to make himself into the good guy by saying it was Thomas all along.”

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