Liz Woods is best known for being Big Ed‘s beau on 90 Day Fiance. On November 10th, it was announced that he had proposed to her, leaving fans curious about the star’s age.

The couple have been featured on the TLC show recently, and recently sparked pregnancy rumors on social media. However, it was later revealed that Ed and Liz are planning on getting a dog together.

Since their engagement, fans have been wondering exactly how old Ed’s new fiancee is.

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90 Day: The Single Life | Season 2 | Official Trailer

90 Day: The Single Life | Season 2 | Official Trailer

Liz Woods: Age revealed

Liz is 29 years old at the time of writing. She has a seven-year-old daughter called Ryleigh Leanne, who often appears on her Instagram feed.

Despite controversy surrounding her and Ed’s age gap, the pair have recently got engaged after getting back together for one day.

Big Ed’s daughter Tiffany is also 29 years old, much like his ex Rosemarie.

Liz has revealed on the show that she had been divorced twice, by the time she was 28 years old.

How old is Big Ed on 90 Day Fiance?

Big Ed was born on April 28, 1965, making him 56 years old currently.

Reports say that he recently got engaged to restaurant manager Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Woods, who stars on 90 Day Fiance alongside him.

This gives them a 28-year age gap between them.

During the recent The Single Life episode, Ed’s daughter revealed she does not like her dad dating younger girls, who are the same age.

However, big Ed admitted he does not get along with women his age.

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Big Ed and Liz: Relationship timeline

The now-engaged couple had recently split ahead of the show reunion, but got back together.

Big Ed and Liz have been up and down on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life, including breaking up during the first season.

However, they have since made amends, after he realised he doesn’t think he treated her right the first time. He told People’s Reality Check that their break made him see her for who she is.

He said:

About a month before we got back together, I realized that I really didn’t appreciate who she was and I don’t want to love anybody else. And never in a million years did I think that I would ever be together with Liz — it’s just surreal.

Going to therapy was a key part of Big Ed realising how he could be a better man for Liz. When his beloved dog Teddy died, she contacted him, and they slowly got back in contact over email.

Then, Ed invited her over for dinner and popped the big question. He then said he went to a jewelery store and bought the biggest diamond he could find.



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