What religion is Ivan from the Bachelorette? Tayshia sent him packing due to differences!

Ivan from The Bachelorette was recently sent home, following his differences with Tayshia Adams.

Before the finale of the ABC series, Ivan and Tayshia seemed to be getting along really well, having gone on successful dates together.

However, Tayshia dropped a bombshell and decided to eliminate Ivan from The Bachelorette due to their religious differences.

So what is Ivan’s religion? Why did Tayshia decide to send him home?

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Tayshia sends Ivan home: Recap

Before the Rose ceremony, Tayshia tells Ivan they started off really strong.

Tayshia said that during the past week, they spoke about some “important subjects” that she feels like they “both need to have”.

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She added that there are things that concerned her. Tayshia continued:

At the end of the day, religion is part of my morals and my beliefs.

Ivan said he had been falling in love with her over the past week, and said he hated that it couldn’t work out.

What is Ivan’s religion?

  • He is not religious

Former contestant Caila Quinn, who starred in season 20, reached out to Ivan Hall following him being sent home.

She shared their conversation on her Instagram story, where he revealed that Tayshia only wants to date a Christian and that he’s not religious.

He added that he is “open to and have dated any religion”.

Viewers react to Ivan being sent home

Fans weren’t prepared for Ivan to be sent home, and were even more disappointed when they found out it was over their religious differences.

As they built up a lot of trust and got along really well, it came as a big shock for Tayshia to suddenly send him packing.



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