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What tropical storm hit Bachelor in Paradise 2021?

Bachelor in Paradise filming was interrupted by a sudden storm, which meant production and cast members had to stay in a hotel.

Despite the crew having to take a break, fans still could not believe their eyes and instantly thought that the storm was completely fake.

This led viewers to question exactly what storm affected the tropical beach, before drama went down at the hotel – such as Ivan going round the system.

The 2021 series – filmed in Sayulita, Mexico – is the first to have been affected by a storm, despite filming during hurricane season.

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

What storm hit Bachelor in Paradise?

It is thought that Tropical Storm Dolores hit Bachelor in Paradise, as the storm hit the West Coast of Mexico from June 18 to June 20.

This is the most likely storm, as the series films in June every year, at the beginning of hurricane season in a highly-affected hurricane zone.

Production was shut down, meaning they had to take a break when the storm took place. But some fans think they created fake weather.

Twitter users react to BIP tropical storm

Since the storm hit the show and led to evacuation, fans are having absolutely none of it, and think it was all a hoax.

One fan said: “Everyone came back from the tropical storm looking like the castaways on survivor when they come back for their first tribal council.

“Insane what an indoor shower and air conditioning can do.”

Another wrote: “is the rest of this season’s footage really so dry that they had to pad it with an anticlimactic storm evacuation fakeout?????!!?”

“Was this whole storm scene fake because….” questioned a viewer.

Bachelor in Paradise evacuation

As the cast live in a shack on the beach, it would not have been considered safe for them to stay there overnight – so they were placed into a hotel.

As production had to take a break, it is believed that the Bachelor in Paradise stars were asked not to communicate with each other.

Some of them went from being worried about who to give a rose, to being fearful for their lives, and even questioned if this is the end of Paradise.

Filming was delayed for around 48 hours. During that time, Ivan is rumored to have hooked up with Chelsea at the hotel, but this is unconfirmed.



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