What was Zac from The Bachelorette addicted to? ABC star's former habit revealed

The Bachelorette star Zac revealed that he used to have an addiction when he was younger. So what was behind the star’s habit?

Contestant Zac Clark opened up to Tayshia Adams during their date, telling her about his past and the issues he faced at a younger age.

Viewers are now wondering what the 36-year-old was addicted to, as they watch Tayshia try to find the love of her life on the ABC series.

So what was Zac addicted to? We can reveal the star’s former habit…

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Zac opens up about addiction

During the date, Zac told Tayshia Adams that he is in recovery.

He revealed to her that he had spent time in rehab due to addiction.

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However, this left fans wanting to know more about his past, which has influenced his current career.

What was Zac addicted to?

Zac was in rehab for drugs and alcohol when he was younger.

He was addicted to painkillers during high school, and revealed that he struggled with alcohol abuse as a teenager.

It was announced as part of a forum by Caron Treatment Centers and Alvernia and Berks County Probation Office, held at Alvernia University.

Zac initially struggled with oxycontin, morphine and nitrous oxide, which led to crack and heroin.

Zac Clark: Career

Zac, from Haddonfield, NJ, runs recovery program Release Recovery.

The program is focused on helping reintegrate people back into the world after rehabilitation, where he works as an addition specialist.

The ABC website states that the program has become Zac’s “life’s purpose”. It is a sober living facility based in New York.



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