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When does Victoria leave The Bachelor 2021? Is she actually a queen?

Victoria Larson – or Queen Victoria – is on fan’s minds, who wonder when she leaves The Bachelor 2021. Is she actually a queen?

Emerging as Matt James’ ‘season villain’, Victoria turned up whilst there were 24 women remaining, with The Bachelor setting up three dates.

She chose to spend her time with him on the show, and gave her a rose to show his appreciation for her devotion.

So when does Victoria leave The Bachelor? Here’s the lowdown!

Screenshot: Victoria Clashes With Marylynn | The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation Youtube

Who is Victoria?

Victoria, 28, from Los Angeles, California, refers to herself as a Queen.

She used to travel regularly, but says she has since outgrown her jetsetting.

The Bachelor star is an entrepreneur who has launched several of her own health and beauty businesses, such as tanning firm JetSetGlo.

Victoria is into meditation and spirituality, and has a Goldendoodle Coco!

Is Victoria actually a Queen?

  • Although Victoria calls herself a ‘Queen’, there is no evidence to show she descends from royalty

It looks like she calls herself the Queen, as a reference to Queen Victoria. Looking through Victoria’s LinkedIn, she has several careers on her CV.

These include being a model for Princess Promotions (which is perhaps where she gets the ‘Queen’ title from), BFG California and P&P Bookings.

After a five-year modelling stint, she went on to become a private jet attendant from 2014 to 2019, before her current role as a real estate agent.

She also runs Vikki Larson Health/Beauty, launched in January 2020.

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When does Victoria leave The Bachelor 2021?

  • Before the final four episode

Although it has not been revealed when Victoria officially leaves, we do know who is rumoured to be in Matt James’ final four.

Rumour has it that Michelle Young, Rachael Kirkconnell, Serena Pitt and Bri Springs will be the last contestants left this series.

The Bachelor’s teaser for episode two shows her arguing with some of the other contestants, so she will definitely not go home before then.



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