When is 'Meet the Parents' on Love Island 2021? Fans call for family visit!

When is 'Meet the Parents' on Love Island 2021? Fans call for family visit!

With the Love Island 2021 final around the corner, it has been assumed the ‘Meet the Parents’ episode is on its way. The question is, when?

Each season of the ITV2 dating show sees the last few Islanders get a surprise when their families walk through the door to reunite with them.

After several weeks of gathering around the firepit, shouting ‘I’ve got a text!’ and coupling up, the remaining couples get to meet each other’s parents.

Sometimes, their siblings also pay a visit, such as when Molly Mae’s sister arrived alongside her mum. Reality Titbit explored when the ep comes out.

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Is ‘Meet the Parents’ happening this year?

  • Yes, parents are reportedly being given the chance to enter the villa

It was revealed that double-jabbed mums and dads will get the chance to visit their children in person instead of over Zoom, which was expected.

A source told The Sun: “The plan is to fly out the families to Spain if they’re double jabbed and happy to travel within the rules.

“There will be a socially-distanced meeting – and there will be fireworks.”

So, despite the travel restrictions, it looks like the contestants won’t have to go without a special visit from their ‘rents – and can meet their other half’s.

When is ‘Meet the Parents’ on Love Island?

  • The ‘Meet the Parents’ episode reportedly airs on August 22

Each series, the family visit tends to take place one or two days before the final, but rumour has it that it could take place earlier this year.

Although the episode has been assumed by The Sun as happening on August 22, ITV2 have not confirmed the exact release date yet.

After a preview clip aired, of Liberty crying and telling Jake she doesn’t think they are right for each other, fans thought it could be August 19th.

However, the ‘first look’ video for this episode has since come out, and there are no signs of any parents in the clip. So, it is likely to happen on 22nd.

In the 2018 and 2019 series, the contestants met with their parents one day before the show’s final.

For instance, in 2019 they met the parents on July 28th, exactly one day before the finale on Monday, July 29th, 2019.

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Fans predict what Love Island ‘rents will say

Following Faye’s shouting match at Teddy earlier in the series, some viewers say that they cannot wait for his family to talk to her about it.

One fan said: “I want Faye and Teddy to stay on the island up until the time their relatives visit.

“The prospect of Faye being absolutely finished by his parents/siblings puts a smile on my face.”

Another wrote: “when are the parents coming to visit? Maybe Teddy needs to hear it from his parents that Faye’s not for him.”

Others think that the reason why Liberty is crying on the July 19th episode could be due to her parents entering and warning her about Jake.

“My guess on Liberty and Jake crying is tonight is the meet the parents episode, cause it’s our final 4 couples.

“Libs parents come in and tell her everything Jake has said and done and how everyone thinks he’s a game player . I’m calling it”, said a fan.



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