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Pao and Russ 90 Day Fiance

Where are Pao and Russ from 90 Day Fiance now? 2020 updates!

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance has brought some of the most iconic relationships to reality TV ever since it first aired.

Fans who are now watching 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk version of the show are getting the latest goss on their favourite couples. The show has naturally led to some curiosity over how some of the series’ pairs are doing now.

Pao and Russ, who first appeared in the original season of the hit reality TV show, are now on everyone’s minds after they recently starred on Pillow Talk. So where is the OG couple now? We found out for you!

Screenshot: Pao with baby Axel on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, TLC

Meet Pao and Russ

Personal trainer Paola is from Columbia, and technical project manager Russell Mayfield, is from Oklahoma. They are both 32 years old. It is believed that the pair may live in Miami, as this is where Russ has listed his place of work. Paola is the CEO of her own company Super Pao Fit, in which she regularly trains people.

Ex-cowboy Russell also has experience in engineering and career coaching, while Paola aspired to sign with a modelling agency while on the show back in 2014. Her net worth is believed to be $450,000, with Russ’ is reportedly between a whopping $1 million to $5 million. The loved-up couple officially got married in 2013.

Pao and Russ on 90 Day Fiance

The Mayfields first laid eyes on each other when Russ was working in Colombia, where Pao lived. This was when Russ was working as a field engineer in the oil industry. It was not long until the pair were completely in awe with each other. Shortly after, they moved to the US together where Russ had to return for work.

They faced some issues along the way, as several couples on the TLC show usually do when moving to one country to be together. Pao’s best friend Juan was confrontational with Russ, while their parents clashed as they both came from completely different backgrounds.

It got even more tough for the couple when Russ lost his job. Pao moved to Florida with hopes to focus on her career while Russ took on a new role. However, fear not, as the couple didn’t let their issues get in the way!

Where is the 90 Day Fiance couple now?

The couple went on to live happily ever after. Russ and Pao got married in 2013 and six years later, gave birth to their son Axel on New Year’s Day in 2019. But this did not come with some more struggles, as Pao was seen on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After getting jealous when Russ went out and she stayed home to look after Axel.

However they are as loved up as ever, with Russ’ Instagram bio stating that he is the “proud US husband of Paola Mayfield”. You can follow Pao at @paola_mayfield. She recently shared a photo with Russ with the caption: “Falling in love with you again – always with you.” Their son is now one years old.

We are so happy for 90 Day Fiance OGs Russ and Pao!



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