ITV’s new programme, The Cabins, adds a new spin on the traditional dating show, putting together contestants in cosy hidden cabins.

According to ITV: “From the moment they meet the couples immediately move in together, as their date begins in their very own exclusive log cabins, complete with simmering hot tubs and set in beautiful surroundings within the UK.”

From January 4th, The Cabins will air every weeknight, so fans can keep up with the drama and romance!

Where is The Cabins ITV filmed?

Although the exact location of The Cabins is yet to be revealed, ITV did state that the famous cabins from the show are in fact “nestled in the UK.”

Some fans of the show have noticed that the cabins in the programme appear to be very similar to the luxury Hidden River Cabins in Cumbria.

One thing we do know about the cabins is that each one boasts a hot tub, games, cosy outdoor seating and fully equipped kitchens to make each date as romantic as possible.

When is The Cabins on ITV?

You can catch The Cabins tonight on ITV2 at 9pm, and there will be an episode airing every weeknight. If you miss an episode, you can catch up on the ITV hub.

Who are the contestants on ITV The Cabins

There are 12 contestants on The Cabins, all of whom will be competing for the chance to find love on the show. They are:

Abraham, 21

Holly, 23

Mamudo, 23

Robyn, 26

Jess, 24

Sarah, 26

Tom, 26

Sofia, 21

Will, 28

Olivia, 22

Joel, 22

Charlotte, 29

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