With the ‘Meet the Parents’ episode – and the final – just around the corner, fans are eager to find out who Faye Winter’s family are.

She is coupled up with Teddy Soares, despite a few tricky patches, and viewers are placing their bets on how the family visit will go down.

The upcoming episode follows a week since a big villa moment, in which Faye kept shouting at Teddy by claiming he was not truthful with her.

Since then, viewers are wondering if Teddy and Faye’s families will be giving any warnings to their children’s relationship. So, who are they?

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Get to know Faye Winter’s parents

Faye is incredibly close to her parents and sister, who continue to support their daughter at their Devon home.

She has opened up about her parents on Love Island, revealing that they paid for her to get a boob job aged 18, as she was “underdeveloped”.

After Hugo revealed he didn’t like fake girls, she responded with:

For me, the word fake, it doesn’t really brush well with me on the respect of, my mum and dad for example, didn’t watch me cry every single day from the age of 13 to 18 because I was underdeveloped.

Faye added: “To then, at 18, buy their daughter a boob job for her 18th birthday because I was so upset about it for such a long time.”

She has also joked that her parents might cut her out of their will if they watched her on Love Island.

Who is Faye’s sister?

  • Joanne Winter

Faye’s 29-year-old sister lives in Torquay, Devon.

She is currently an events specialist at Mercedes Benz South West, where she has been working since 2017.

The Islander’s sibling also joins Faye on her volunteering role, as she has helped out at The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association since October 2018.

They look incredibly alike, which was noticed by viewers who tuned into Love Island: Aftersun when Joanne made her debut!

During her appearance, Faye’s sister said:

It’s crazy the only way that I can see my little sister is turning on the TV at 9pm, which is so bizarre. Because I do speak to her all the time and see her all the time. I miss her terribly but I’m so glad to see her enjoying herself. It’s lovely.

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Who are Teddy Soares’ parents?

  • Teddy’s father has passed away, while his mum’s name is unknown

Teddy’s two brothers are called Carlos and Sidney. His sibling Sidney shared a picture, where they wished their late father a happy birthday.

He is thought to have been brought up by his parents in Manchester.

Speaking on Love Island’s Unseen Bits show on Saturday July 31st, Teddy revealed that he was a Nigerian prince.

As per Radio Times, Teddy explained on the ITV2 show:

It’s like a village, it’s within the Delta State village. So my grandad has obviously passed away so I’m no longer actually prince, I was a prince…



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