Who did Faye and Teddy vote for? Love Island's least compatible votes listed!

Who did Faye and Teddy vote for? Love Island's least compatible votes listed!

Faye and Teddy had to vote for the two least compatible couples in the Love Island villa, like their fellow Islanders. So, who did they choose?

It hasn’t always been plain-sailing for the couple, after Faye discovered Teddy was attracted to Casa Amor’s Clarisse, and felt he was dishonest.

The villa erupted with Faye’s voice. Since then though, they have made things work – but they were voted as least compatible by some Islanders.

Not allowed to discuss their votes with the other contestants is making it hard for Faye, who claims she’s always honest. Here’s who she voted for.

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Who did Faye and Teddy vote for?

  • Priya and Brett, and Mary and Aaron

Faye told Teddy and later – her close friends – that she would be upset if someone voted for them without voicing their opinions.

Their private discussion at dinner involved questioning whether Jake made Liberty his girlfriend so he could be the first Islander to do so.

Faye also mentioned that Priya had mentioned Brett is “boring” during the dinner, which is the reasoning behind why they voted for them.

She added that she does not understand how Mary has become obsessed with Aaron in the space of two days.

During a conversation with Millie and Liberty, Faye revealed she voted for people who she is not close to friendship-wise.

Who voted for Faye and Teddy?

  • Liberty and Jake, Millie and Liam, and Kaz and Tyler

There were conversations about Faye and Teddy “always rowing” (Jake), and “living very different lifestyles”, according to Millie.

Liberty stated that she did not want to vote for Faye and Teddy because of her friendship with her, but later added it is not about friendship.

Aaron’s reasoning was that the couple are polar opposites, and Mary appeared to agree with him, before they sent off their vote.

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Least compatibility: Love Island 2021 votes

Each couple had to choose the two least compatible couples in their opinion, before texting their official decisions.

They were told they could not discuss their votes, but it left four couples at risk of being dumped: Mary and Aaron, Priya and Brett, Faye and Teddy and Jake and Liberty.

The public then had the power to put their votes in, which led to Priya and Brett receiving the lowest number, and being sent home.

Here’s who voted for who on the Love Island least compatibility vote:

Millie and Liam’s vote: Teddy and Faye, and Brett and Priya

Chloe and Toby’s vote: Liberty and Jake, and Brett and Priya

Mary and Aaron voted for: Priya and Brett, and Jake and Liberty

Kaz and Tyler’s vote: Faye and Teddy, and Mary and Aaron

Priya and Brett voted for: Liberty and Jake, and Mary and Aaron

Liberty and Jake’s vote: Faye and Teddy, and Brett and Priya



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