Who got custody of the rat? Mike and Natalie's split leads to questions!

Who got custody of the rat? Mike and Natalie's split leads to questions!

After Mike and Natalie’s fallout on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, several viewers have wondered who got custody of their pet rat.

The TLC series has seen couples, who initially came from completely different borders, face issues as they try to get married.

Since then, Mike and Natalie’s relationship has gone from bad to worse, as they clashed over several issues, such as his mom calling her names.

Now that their split has been aired on our screens, the big question is which one of them got custody of their pet rat. Cue the fan guesses below.

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

Who got custody of Mike and Natalie’s rat?

  • According to a source, Natalie left the pet rat with Mike

In the dramatic fallout, Natalie was seen playing with the rat while Mike appeared to be on the verge of crying.

During the scene, Natalie walked off, leaving Mike to take care of their rat.

Since then, there have been questions regarding who got full custody. However, it’s unlikely Natalie would have returned to collect the pet.

As far as we know, Natalie walked out on Mike and did not return.

Fans make guesses about rat custody

From other animals to actual people in Mike and Natalie’s lives, fans have taken to guessing who got custody of their rat.

Some have guessed it could be Mike’s mom Trish or Uncle Beau, while others jokingly said their snake may have gotten full custody.

Despite the seriousness of their split, many couldn’t help but think of the important custody question.

One said: “Right, ask the important questions! I was thinking about that the whole time.”

Another wrote: “I would have made her take it. If she said “no,” I would have opened the cage up and sent him out the door.”

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What happened between Mike and Natalie?

Natalie and Mike are no longer together, after less than a year of marriage.

The couple got engaged after just three weeks of dating, and their relationship was long distance for some time.

However, there were also points in their relationship when Natalie said it would be a “lie” to say that she loved Mike after he spent some time in Ukraine with her.

After Natalie’s K1 Visa got approved, their relationship took a turn for the better. But, as of 2021, the couple is no longer together. 

InTouch Weekly reported that the couple separated in March 2021. It comes after she moved in with her friend Julia.

Despite their separation, neither of them have filed for divorce yet.

This is according to In Touch, who reported in August 2021 that court records show they have not submitted paperwork.



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