Who had 'bad intentions' on The Bachelorette? Did Karl actually know?

The whole “wrong person bomb” which was dropped by Karl on The Bachelorette has led to a Tell All discussion. He has now given a name.

Following Karl’s elimination from The Bachelorette, his co-stars have put him straight during a confrontation between them all.

It comes after he told Katie that multiple men didn’t have her best interests, but would not give her the name of exactly who it was.

Now, he has actually confessed who he ‘knew’ it was, but many viewers are completely disregarding that he is telling the truth.

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What did Karl say on The Bachelorette?

It was a steady stream of events that led to Karl’s elimination on The Bachelorette. However, the drama began during episode 2.

Karl spoke to Katie alone during the rose ceremony and said:

I don’t know if you ever really do have doubts. Because, looking around, I don’t really know if everyone’s being 100% transparent… in the house. I don’t know specifics, I don’t want to get into all the details without having all the details but I know that there are some people that don’t have the best intentions.

Katie asked for him to expand on any details or an example he might have and Karl replied:

I feel like you’ve already been through a lot, I don’t want you to stress about that. I’m just letting you know, I want you to stay vigilant ok? Can you just believe me when I tell you I have your best interests in mind? You can trust me.

The accusations of people not being authentic sent shockwaves throughout the group and resulted in Katie being in tears.

Who was it that had ‘bad intentions’?

  • According to Karl, it was Thomas

Karl initially said “multiple men” do not have the best intentions, but decided to change his mind during the Tell All episode (July 26th).

The incident about the “wrong person bomb” that got dropped by Karl gets brought up during the ep, to which he says it was Thomas.

Other stars of The Bachelorette began to argue with him, questioning how he went from saying it was multiple men to now naming Thomas.

Describing it as a “lucky coincidence” that things didn’t work out with Thomas, Karl responded with:

She wanted me to give her a specific name and I could have. Of course it was Thomas, I didn’t have enough concrete evidence to be like ‘Yo, kick this dude out’.

He was right, as Thomas confessed during an honesty group date that originally came on the show to grow his platform.

But fans don’t think that Karl ever actually knew it was him.

Fans react to whether Karl ever ‘knew’

It is clear to see that the majority of viewers are convinced that Karl never knew who it was behind the “bad intentions”.

Many assume that he made the entire thing up, with some even thinking that the producers told him to say multiple men weren’t being genuine.

One viewer wrote: “He absolutely did not know, and was trying to manipulate Katie into keeping him under the guise that he had pivotal information she needed.

“His bluff failed, and now he’s trying to make himself into the good guy by saying it was Thomas all along.”

Another said: “No, he plain made it up or just said what the Producers told him to say.

“No he didn’t know, you go from multiple guys to naming one,” claimed another avid watcher.



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