Who is Amara La Negra's baby daddy and is she dating him?
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Who is Amara La Negra's baby daddy and is she dating him?

Love and Hip Hop star Amara La Negra has announced she is officially pregnant, following the worry of a missed period on the VH1 show.

A series of Instagram posts began to be shared from November 4th, which show her holding a positive pregnancy test and posing with her bump.

It comes after a late period combined with Amara saying she wanted a baby left fans in the dark about whether she is expecting or not.

Despite Amara being so open about the pregnancy itself, she hasn’t yet revealed the name of her baby’s father. So, we done some digging…

Love & Hip Hop: Miami | Supertrailer

Love & Hip Hop: Miami | Supertrailer

Fans speculate Amara’s baby father

Since Amara announced she is officially pregnant, LAHH: Miami fans went straight to social media to discuss who the baby daddy is.

It’s clear that most viewers are still trying to figure out his identity… while others have already made their minds up about her decisions.

One fan wrote: “Amara should’ve stayed with the bachata singer with the loud ass sister Emjay. He seem like a real good guy; her “baby daddy” seem like he be scamming & jamming #LHHMIA.”

Another simply commented on her pregnancy reveal with: “So who the daddy.” One response to the comment said: “we all waiting to see if it’s Ejay … so we can smh and wait for the court /custody battle.”

“Nick Cannon. Why not? She said she had a crush on him a while back…” guessed one of her followers.

Who is Amara’s baby daddy?

Amara has not revealed her baby daddy’s identity, but reports say the father is Allan Mueses. They have been on-and-off for a while.

Despite rumors circulating, a report stated the father of her unplanned pregnancy is not her ex and rapper Emjay. The VH1 star has previously said that, although she is not married and wants to focus on her career, she wants to have a baby.

Amara’s mother told her: “You have to have a stable partner to help raise a child.” However, she has since revealed she is expecting twins.

She hasn’t shared any pictures with him. Instead, Amara posed for a baby bump pic with her mom, and has revealed she is going to be a single mom.

As per People Espanol, Amara said:

Even when I was in a good place with the father, I lost [a baby]. It wasn’t the time. Perhaps he wasn’t the right person either. But may God’s will be done.

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Get to know Amara’s baby daddy

Amara’s boyfriend is called Allan Mueses, who features in the latest season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami. Originally from the Dominican Republic and with a master’s degree in Business Administration, Allan is now a realtor and CEO of his investing service company, SolucionesAllan.

Aside from being a businessman, Allan has two daughters, his eldest Layla and his youngest, Alanna, born in 2014. Often posting both of his children on his Instagram page, Allan appears to have regular contact with them.

Although not having pursued sports as a career, Allan has a passion for basketball which he often posts videos of on his social media.



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