Who is Brett Staniland's twin brother? Meet Love Island star's sibling!

Who is Brett Staniland's twin brother? Meet Love Island star's sibling!

A new bombshell has arrived at the villa, and he goes by the name of Brett Staniland. If that wasn’t enough already, he has an identical twin.

The newbie was casually sat by the pool while Chloe and Priya had a chat, until they suddenly caught sight of him mid-conversation.

Viewers instantly started scrambling the Internet to find out more about the new guy, who is hoping to turn some heads – including Millie’s.

Brett actually has an identical twin brother, so whoever might couple up with him could be brought home to his sibling Scott. Reality Titbit has more.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Who is Brett’s identical twin?

  • Scott Staniland

Brett’s identical brother looks exactly like him, and is described as a “mirror twin”. The only difference is that Scott’s hair parts the other way!

Scott follows the same career path as Brett, as a fashion model. He is also a sustainable fashion contributor and ambassador, from London.

Brett’s twin currently works for BMA Models.

Scott and Brett Staniland: Sibling bond

Scott and Brett, who have the same career path, share a joint Insta page. You can follow the twins at @lavietwin.

Based across Madrid and London, the pair have successful modelling experience behind them, and both work for BMA Models.

Together, they have modelled for several brands, such as Jack Wills, Ted Baker, Jaguar XE and Church’s, to name just a few.

The twins don’t just work together, but they come from the same academic backgrounds. They both secured masters degrees in the midlands.

Scott and Brett were first scouted in 2017 and gained representation in London, balancing work and study.

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Meet Scott Staniland on Instagram

Calling himself “twin Scott” on Instagram, he tends to keep his profile very model-based, almost like a portfolio!

In March, he announced that both him and Brett had moved into a new place in Warwickshire together, after three months of searching.

Although he spends most of his working days modelling, his spare time involves going golfing, playing tennis and flicking through magazines.

Scott and Brett are clearly joined at the hip, and tend to coordinate their outfits with each other… Nothing like a bit of style inspo!



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