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Who is Brianna on Too Hot to Handle Season 3 and what's her Instagram?

Brianna Giscombe was one of the surprises of Too Hot to Handle Season 3, as a group of contestants are tested by their ability to resist their temptations. That includes kissing and anything further beyond.

Alongside co-stars like Holly Scarfone and Harry Johnson, the cast members thought they were heading onto a show called Pleasure Island. But in fact, they were really on the third season of the no-kissing, no-touching dating series.

Brianna wasn’t there quite at the start, and entered the Island a bit later than the ten initial stars. She caused a slight interruption for Holly and Nathan’s romance by going on a date with the latter.

So who is Brianna and what’s her Instagram? We had a snoop through her pics.

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Brianna on Too Hot to Handle?

Based across Connecticut, Bay Area and Los Angeles, Brianna Giscombe is a cast member on Too Hot to Handle. Working as a beautician in her everyday life, she also runs a YouTube and TikTok account.

Her only and first video on YouTube is a soft neutral eye make-up look, which has over 1K views. Brianna entered the Netflix show during Season 3 Episode 6, and wasn’t afraid to shake things up.

She was ready to come in and date Nathan (Holly’s man), who was her type on paper. However, she found romance with Obi Nnadi, who she felt had a personality that set him apart from the other lads.

Despite them having a one-on-one chat, including Brianna revealing she was excited to get to know Obi better since they’re both “sexy people”, she still chose Nathan for a date the morning after.

Obi and Brianna still ended up becoming close, with her saying that the experience has taught her not to be afraid to tap into her affectionate side anymore. 

Her age and career

Brianna, 26, works in beauty and cosmetic care, and is the owner of Embellish Me By Bri. The certified make-up artist, esthetician and lash tech has created looks on host and mentor Sheryl Grant and fitness guru Brianna Ashley.

The Too Hot to Handle star previously hosted podcast Tapped In With IAMSU! back in 2019.

She worked for California-based Tom Ford Beauty as a cosmetics manager since November 2019 until April 2020, but her position was affected as a result of Covid-19.

The Netflix star was also a cocktail server at Temple Nightclub, as well as a sales representative for MAC Cosmetics. Before that, she worked in a similar role for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.

Now, she can add ‘reality TV personality’ to her resume!

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Meet Brianna on Instagram

Brianna has just over 8K followers, which is likely to go up since her Too Hot to Handle debut. She regularly posts selfies, and clearly enjoys a party or two in the outside world.

The Netflix star also models for fashion brand Coco and Bella, but doesn’t give too much away on Instagram. With just eight posts at the time of writing, and has definitely became more confident over time.

She wrote in a post from June 2021:

I used to hate looking at myself in pictures. All I saw were things I wanted to change and it always brought me to tears. But at this point I can either be my worst critic or my biggest fan.

Brianna appears to be a girl’s girl, who loves a night out. One unexpected thing is that she isn’t following any of her fellow cast members, and hasn’t shared any promo of her time on the show.



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