Brittany Banks once revealed she got married at a young age. Ever since, 90 Day Fiance fans have wondered who her ex-husband really is.

Her relationship with ex-fiance Yazan was documented on the original series, until their split led Brittany to star on The Single Life spin-off.

She then dated two men, including Terrence and Justin. Although both Brittany and the latter did not turn up to the Tell All, Terrence did go.

Now, viewers are eager to find out all about Brittany’s past history. We explored who her ex-husband may have been, and where she is now.

90 Day: The Single Life | Season 2 | Official Trailer

90 Day: The Single Life | Season 2 | Official Trailer

Who is Brittany’s ex-husband?

Brittany has not disclosed her ex-husband’s name, but we do know that he was originally from Haiti, before moving to the USA aged three.

She first met him when she was 17, and married him five years later.

They had the same group of friends, but only spent a few months together as a married couple before he got deported.

She revealed she had no idea that he was not a US citizen.

He also reportedly claimed that he was unaware of his immigration status and that his mother told him he was legal, like his siblings.

Brittany’s ex-husband was also arrested several times, including for driving without a license, marijuana possession, tampering with evidence, and running from police between 2011 and 2012.

Brittany and Terrence

For those wondering what happened to Brittany and Terrence, he revealed at the Tell All that she kept picking fights with him.

He added that, despite this, she would later call him up to reconnect.

Never actually having dated exclusively, also said that she had other “situations” going on. We already know she was also dating Justin…

Before the Tell All – which she did not attend – was taped, Brittany claimed they had an argument as he kept wanting her to go back to his room.

She said:

I just want to say I didn’t lead Terence on. If anything, I was led on because he kept saying he wanted a relationship and when it came down to it, he’d say, ‘Oh no, I don’t want a relationship.’

Who is Brittany dating now?

Brittany is currently living the single life, and recently claimed she hopes to find an older man on her latest Instagram post.

She captioned the photo: “You’re no fun, where’s your dad.”

When a fan commented that they “love older men… married one”, Brittany responded by saying she hopes she finds one.

In July, Brittany revealed she was dating a man who goes by the Instagram handle @billionairemoonie, a travel agency owner and independent artist.

Several 90 Day Fiance fans said he was too young for Brittany. Since then, it doesn’t look like they stayed in a relationship together.



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