When First Dates Hotel aired back in September 2018, episodes 2 and 3 focussed on Lauren Mahon. Now, Lauren is back on our screens as First Dates Hotel: Best Couples kicked off on Thursday, June 11th!

Like everyone on the Channel 4 dating series, Lauren was on the show to find love. However, she’s also tackling misconceptions, boundaries and the political correctness that surrounds serious illnesses.

Lauren battled through eight rounds of chemotherapy and 21 doses of radiation to gain the all-clear from breast cancer – and she doesn’t want other people shying away from their equal bravery.

But where is Lauren Mahon now? Find out updates on the First Dates Hotel star in 2020!

Lauren Mahon’s cancer diagnosis

Lauren was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2016.

Since her diagnosis and treatment, she has been working on several different projects to help tackle the issue of breast cancer in different ways.

Lauren is the face of the girlsvscancer campaign, where the website opens with this introductory paragraph:

Lauren has never been a big fan of her boobs. If you can even call them that. They’re more of a nod to a boob, a flabby-nipple-type situation, a goodwill gesture. So on the 31st August 2016 when following a biopsy a Dr uttered the words “I’m sorry, it’s not good news, it’s cancer” she was sure they were having a f*cking laugh.”

The website, girlsvscancer.co.uk, also sells t-shirts, with profits going to a range of different partner charities.

In fact, you may recognise some of Lauren’s design.

Miss Selfridge decided to stop selling a t-shirt because the design was so similar to the T’s on the girlsvscancer website.

Lauren’s girlsvscancer Design

Screen Shot - https://girlvscancer.co.uk/about/
Screen Shot – https://girlvscancer.co.uk/about/

Miss Selfridge Design

The Instagram post read: Getting stung again. Another day, another high street rip off. It’s legit copycat f*ckery at it’s finest…”

You, Me and the Big C

The now 34-year-old social media consultant and journalist from London is a co-host of BBC podcast You, Me and the Big C.

She worked closely with BBC presenter Rachel Bland, who passed away from cancer in September 2018.

The podcast tackles both the highs and lows of living with cancer, with humorous conversations shedding light on toilet-related traumas, ‘intimate’ medical exams and sex when you’re ill.

‘You, Me & The Big C’ has since moved to the top of the iTunes chart and has continued airing in memory of Rachael.

Screen Shot: BBCiPlayer - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0608649
Screen Shot: BBCiPlayer – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0608649

Lauren on First Datel Hotel

Viewers were heartbroken for Lauren after things did not work out with 6ft 4 giant Patrick. In episode 4 (which originally aired on September 11th, 2018), Patrick admitted he did not feel there was a romantic connection.

Lauren admitted to Pat that she did have feelings for him, only to hear that he didn’t feel the same way.

The shocking twist from Lauren’s arrival on First Dates was the fact that she knew Patrick from London. The pair greeted each other with a friendly cheer with the shocking coincidence taking everyone – even producers – by surprise.

Screen Shot: Lauren First Hotel, E4
Screen Shot: Lauren First Hotel, E4
Screen Shot: Lauren First Hotel, E4
Screen Shot: Lauren First Hotel, E4
Screen Shot: Lauren First Hotel, E4
Screen Shot: Lauren First Hotel, E4

Where is Lauren now?

Lauren’s episode of First Dates Hotel was filmed in 2017, and Lauren has admitted that she did not date following the rejection from Pat. But in 2018, Lauren Mahon stated that she downloaded the dating app Hinge and got back in the game!

We did some digging on Lauren’s Instagram and it would appear that Lauren is still single – she has not mentioned a partner in any posts.

But Lauren is still living in London, running her podcast and having tonnes of fun. Follow her for updates @iamlaurenmahon.



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