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Who is Mara on Does The Shoe Fit and what's her Instagram?

Mara won the boys over on Foot Asylum’s YouTube series Does The Shoe Fit, with several viewers claiming she saved the season. Many are also wondering what her Instagram handle is.

The latest season sees Chunkz, Yung Filly, Jack Fowler, Alhan and Unknown T go speed dating, with each episode featuring a new girl at the table. She played them at their own game, while the other date-goers watched on.

Mara only had less than four minutes to get to know each of them properly. In the end, Jack, Filly and Unknown T were head over heels for the star.

We found out who Mara is, and had a snoop on her Instagram page. From her career background to where she’s from, Reality Titbit has all the deets.

Who is Mara?

Mara is a carer who looks after the elderly, and takes pictures on the side. Claiming she’s “here for a good time, not a long time”, the YouTube star said she wasn’t interested in love, but later said she’s a very picky person.

Also one to get bored quite easily, Mara revealed she likes tall, dark and handsome guys, and said she wants to have fun. Admitting she had not slept with anyone in the last week, she said she can “handle the hood”.

From Luton and Manchester, the Pisces lady prefers the latter as it has got the vibes, and does not want to live in London. She claims she is Portuguese and Latina, before adding: “Well, that’s where Portugal is, isn’t it?”.

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Mara on Does The Shoe Fit

She made Filly nervous (who isn’t a shy person), and even got invited to his party later that night where she said he’d get to see her in heels. Mara turned up in a tracksuit, and confused the boys on exactly which one of them she vibed best with – and Unknown T, Jack and Filly all liked her.

The boys agreed she’s “got game”, and said Unknown T turning up in glasses is cute. But she later made a big move when she whispered that she likes Jack to the camera, which led to Filly leaving the date.

However, he ran back, gave her a hug and said he would speak to her later. Telling her good luck with Jack, she denied it and said: “No one said that.”

Confusing the boys even more, Mara told Filly to sit back down as they have two more minutes, and ended the date with them arm-in-arm.

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Meet Mara on Instagram

We found Mara Pirez on Instagram, one of the 299 people that Unknown T is following on Instagram – and she follows him back. She has 75K followers herself and is following 399 people on the platform.

Her page shows she works with clothing brand Fashion Nova and is an influencer, usually talking selfies and showing off her latest outfits, either dressed down or in a more glamorous look for a night out. She has also done a fair bit of travelling, to Kalkan and Villa Jaysea.

In one post, she wrote the caption: “Attracted to nothing, connected to everything.” Usually in Manchester or London, she appears to have quite the lavish lifestyle, for example with classy apartment stairs behind her.

Of course, she has been promoting the latest episode of Does The Shoe Fit on her Instagram stories, and asked followers to let her know what they think. Mara has also been tagged in a video dancing with the other girls who feature on the recent season, such as Sants and Channette.



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