Who is Millie Hannah? Jordan Hames reveals new girlfriend on Instagram

Who is Millie Hannah? Jordan Hames reveals new girlfriend on Instagram

Love Island star and fashionista Jordan Hames has hinted at a new reveal, following a post which gave snippets of a mystery woman.

He sure almost spilled the tea on October 12th, which led to several of his besties and followers congratulating him on the smooth Instagram tease.

The post came with a series of hints, from a hand quite literally pouring tea, to a back angle of a woman sat in a bath, to them touching hands…

It was all a bit much for us to take, so Reality Titbit have done some digging and can exclusively reveal who Jordan’s new girlfriend is.

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Jordan Hames’ Instagram post

Jordan posted the mysterious Instagram post on October 12th, with the caption: “Did I just spill the tea?”

He left lots of followers confused, with a series of photos showing:

  1. A mysterious hand quite literally pouring the tea
  2. Two pairs of sliders – one pink, one black
  3. View from where they are staying in Marrakech, Morocco
  4. His hand on top of a mystery woman’s hand (with blue nail tips!)
  5. The biggest reveal – the back of a naked woman in the bath

Close friends such as Danny Williams, who appeared on Love Island with him, commented: “You even make the reveal cool af. damn I love you guys.”

While Christopher Taylor wrote: “Errrr since when? Jokes, love you both x.”

Who is Jordan Hames’ girlfriend?

Model Millie Hannah is officially Jordan’s new beau.

He hasn’t yet confirmed the her name, but Reality Titbit done some digging to find the woman seen in his Marrakech vacation pictures.

It’s pretty clear that they are now dating, with some followers in the photo comments confirming that Millie Hannah is her name, and that he’s taken.

After some exploring, we saw that Jordan and her are pretty flirty on Instagram comments and appear to be staying at the same hotel together.

Underneath a series of photos of Millie in her bikini, Jordan commented: “I had a real good swipe”. So they don’t appear to be ‘just friends’!

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Meet Millie Hannah on Instagram

Millie is a model who works for Milk Management agency.

The London gal stands at 5 ft 8 and works for several agencies and brands, including Above and Beyond Group and Select Model Miami.

She also does modelling shoots for Germany’s leading international modelling agency, called MODELWERK.

Looking through her Instagram, which has 491K followers, Millie has been all over the globe, from Barcelona, to Paris, Miami, Sri Lanka, and more.

Since Love Island, Jordan has become somewhat of a fashion icon, and it looks like Millie is just as passionate about what she wears!


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