Who is Victoria Hammond? Meet Love in the Countryside's horse dentist!

Love in the Countryside is back for a second series this autumn, with more singletons needing the help from loveable DJ Sara Cox in their pursuit of romance.

The show returned to BBC Two on Tuesday, September 17th with seven new country-dwellers looking for ‘the one’.

So far, Grace, David and Katy have been on the hunt for love, with some more successful than others. Up next to try their luck in the dating game is picky dater Victoria and indecisive George in episode 5 (Tuesday, October 15th).

Before Victoria chooses her match, here’s everything you need to know about her!

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Meet Victoria…

Victoria Hammond is a 35-year-old living and working in Chard, South Somerset as an equine dental technician. Essentially, Victoria is a dentist for horses!

She is originally from Privett in Hampshire.

Victoria studied at Hartbury College at the University of the West of England (UWE) which was the agricultural college. She went on to teach as a lecturer there before embarking on her solo career path.

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Now she works full time as a BEVA qualified equine dental technician, travelling across Somerset, Hampshire, Surrey and beyond treating horses.

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Victoria on Love in the Countryside

Although Victoria has been fussy in some elements of her dating criteria – like wanting a “snappy dresser” in a pair of “brown suede loafers” – she has been willing to compromise in other ways.

Most of the daters on Love in the Countryside series 2 have been adamant that their dates get stuck into the world of country-living. Victoria told the BBC: “If someone has another interest that’s not country-related or not horsey, then I’m very open-minded. I bought a road bike, that’s not horsey! And loads of men like riding around in Lycra around here!”

She continued to describe her type:

My type of man is someone who is kind, thoughtful, funny, chivalrous. Does that man actually exist? No, probably not because I would have hunted him down otherwise like a proper cougar… no, predator? No!

We can’t say for sure that Victoria will find her dream man but we can definitely confirm she’ll have a sense of humour about it!

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Does Victoria have Instagram?


Unfortunately we could not find any trace of Victoria on Instagram but we did find a Facebook page for her work as an equine dentist.

You can find more information about Victoria out here.




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