Why did Greg Grippo leave The Bachelorette? Fans blame Katie Thurston for his shock exit

Tonight’s episode (August 2) of The Bachelorette ran high on emotions. The viewers were taken aback when they saw Greg Grippo leave the show.

During the Hometown episode, Katie got to meet the families of all the suitors. While Justin’s parents didn’t make it, the bachelorette met Blake’s mother and sister, before speaking to Greg’s mom, Sandra.

But, things took a different turn towards the end of the episode, and Greg walked out of The Bachelorette leaving Katie behind.


Drama between Katie and Greg explored

Greg was one of the first few men to open up about his feelings to Katie. Even his mother noticed that her son is head-over-heels in love with the Bachelorette, and expressed her concern about her son’s heart “breaking”.

Much before the Hometown date, Greg had made it clear that he wasn’t happy about Katie getting along with the other men.

After Katie finished meeting Greg’s mother, the two decide to catch up and that’s when things take an unexpected turn.

While Greg tells Katie that they are nearing the finale and that he can’t see anyone but the two of them together, Katie says his body language looked “uncomfortable”, and it made her feel he wasn’t sure of their relationship.

But, Greg tells Katie he wasn’t expecting her to react the way she did and her not choosing him over Justin and Blake made him question their relationship.

Following an intense discussion over the status of their relationship, Greg decides to walk out, telling Katie: “I can’t do this”. 

Katie admits she has feelings for Greg 

Greg’s exit didn’t treat Katie well and she’s heard telling on camera that she wants to leave the show too. After his rather unexpected departure, Katie says her feelings for Greg were true and she really liked him. 

With the finale nearing, Katie has no choice but to pick between Justin and Blake. However, we can’t tell yet if Greg is gone for good or if he would be prepared to return for the finale to give her another chance. 

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Fans drag Katie for letting the suitor go 

Greg’s exit has led to a debate on Twitter. Some of the viewers have blamed Katie for not reciprocating his feelings, while others feel that he tried to “gaslight” her. 

One tweeted: “Cut her off repeatedly??? Sis was silent the whole time lmaoo!!!!!!! He was like ??? SAY SOMETHING PLZ and she didnt so he said peace”

Another added: “That was total BS Greg is gaslighting her! A real man who actually felt the way he said he did would not quit that easily! He’s a POS and is not here for Katie!

“Opposite of what happened. Agree to (vehemently) disagree. He was real. All he asked was for Katie to be real in return. She let him down. I feel bad for her too though. What a mess. I’m sick of people ripping on Greg. He did NOTHING wrong. #TeamGreg#TheBachelorette,” tweeted another fan.

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