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Why did Ivan's brother go to jail? Bachelorette star reveals sibling Gabe was behind bars

The Bachelorette star Ivan recently revealed his brother Gabe is in jail, which left viewers wondering why. So how come he was behind bars?

Ivan is amongst the line-up of men that Tayshia Adams dates on the ABC show, as she tries to find the love of her life.

During the 16th season of The Bachelorette, Ivan and Tayshia spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement, when he revealed his brother is in jail.

So why was Gabe locked up? What happened? We done some research…

Screenshot: Ivan, Ivan’s Brother Makes Surprise Appearance | The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation Youtube

Ivan reveals his brother is in jail

Ivan spoke about his brother openly with Tayshia. He told her:

“He literally was not in control of himself, I could tell, and that was not like the younger brother that I knew and I was trying to set a good example for and eventually it caught up with him.

Ivan added that the hardest part of his brother going to jail was when his niece was born, as she couldn’t touch her dad for 2 years.

Gabe recently showed up unannounced on the latest Bachelorette episode.

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Who is Ivan’s brother Gabe Hall?

Gabriel, who is black and Filipino like Ivan, is a father to daughter Kehlani.

He grew up alongside Ivan in Plano, Texas, where he lives now. Although his exact age isn’t known, we do know that he is less than 28 years old.

Gabriel works with the Prison Policy project and The Depression Project.

Ivan’s brother was in jail for 4 years.

Why did Ivan’s brother go to jail?

  • In relation to drink and drugs

Ivan said his brother Gabe had got involved with drugs and drinking when he went to college, which caught up with him.

Hall said he had never personally got involved in those things because Gabe was the younger brother he wanted to set an example for.



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