Why did Kaige leave Love Island? Fans react to his sudden departure!

A shock exit left fans questioning exactly what happened, after contestant Kaige decided to up and leave Love Island.

It is the dating show which has featured residents from across the world, including South Africa, USA, Australia and the UK.

Less than a month ago, Kaige made his way onto the show, with hopes to meet the woman of his dreams along the way.

But, why did Kaige leave Love Island? Did he decide to leave on his own terms or was he fired from the show? Let’s get to grips with the story…

Screenshot: Kaige, ‘I couldn’t do it anymore’ – Love Island SA, M-Net

Who is Kaige from Love Island?

Kaige Bertasso, 21, is a professional tennis coach from Durban, SA.

He was previously a professional tennis player, but his career was halted when he had a motorbike accident in 2017.

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Kaige said people confuse his confidence with arrogance, adding that he “loves to boast”, and thinks he has the best banter with looks to match.

The Love Island star is also a model and dog lover.

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Fans react to Kaige’s departure

Viewers couldn’t wait to find out about Kaige’s announcement, with some of them convinced he may propose to Summer (who he was coupled up with).

It also looks like Kaige was a fan favourite, with some viewers taking to his Instagram comments to ask him to stay inside the villa.

One fan wrote: “Hai man Kaige man why’d you leave.”

Another commented on his latest picture, and said: “Best human in the villa is gone. I’m not watching anymore.”

Why did Kaige leave Love Island?

  • He felt he didn’t have a connection with anyone in the villa

The Love Island star said the decision with him leaving didn’t have anything to do with Summer Da Cruz. He added:

I did obviously pursue things with her and they didn’t work out, and I didn’t feel like there was anything else with anyone there.

Kaige announced that he has made the decision to leave the villa, and later said he “couldn’t do it anymore” and that a weight had left his shoulders.

He also revealed the most challenging part for him was “the Summer situation”, as in the past he has been seen as only an option.

From his past experience with this, Kaige said it taught him never to be an option, but that you have to allow yourself to be an option in there.

He had initially gone into the villa with hopes to “find the one” and make some new friendships, which he said was the best part about entering.



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