Leslie Golden was the new face on Love Island. However, fans did not get to see a lot of her as she decided to leave the villa. So, why did she leave?

The entry of Casa Amor contestants spiced things up on the show. However, not everyone could survive this. Of all the girls who entered, only Leslie and Genevieve Shawcross were able to shake things up. There is no doubt that many thought the girls would add more entertainment to the show. However, things look different now.

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

What happened to Leslie on the show?

Leslie was the new face in the villa, and everyone seemed to have high expectations of her. However, her journey on the show was short-lived as the latest episode revealed she had left.

Opening up about her exit from the show, Leslie revealed to her Instagram followers that she left the villa due to personal reasons. While Leslie did not shed more light on what happened, she confirmed that there was no drama.

At the same time, Leslie also updated her fans about her sexuality and revealed she is pansexual. As per GLAAD, being pansexual means “being attracted to all gender identities, or attracted to people regardless of gender.”

The reality star also revealed that she learned to be true to herself while appearing on the show. Judging by Leslie’s answers, it does not look like she will be returning at some point.

Leslie (Instagram)

All the signs that hinted the reality star was out of the show

Even before Leslie made this announcement on her Instagram, several fans had already guessed that she was gone. To begin with, fans noticed they were unable to vote for her on the app.

At the same time, the preview for the next episode did not show Leslie. Some thought that the drama in the villa had been the reason for her exit. However, Leslie has debunked those claims.

As per the reality star, she is on good terms with everyone. In fact, Leslie even stated that she never had any drama with Shannon St Clair, and was unsure if something else was portrayed due to editing.

Leslie (Love Island)

Fans react to star’s exit

Not everyone was surprised by Leslie’s exit from the show. However, many were quick to react to the same on Twitter. Here are a few of them

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