Why did Tre Cooper leave Bachelor in Paradise? Exit explained

Why did Tre Cooper leave Bachelor in Paradise? Exit explained

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 were left disappointed after Tre Cooper left the show. The Bachelor Nation favorite’s sudden exit came as a shock to his fans, who were rooting for him since the beginning. 

Tre became known on Bachelor in Paradise for forming a bond with Tahzjuan Hawkins. However, fate had different plans for the couple as the romance between them faded. Soon after Tre left, Tahzhujan too decided to exit the show. 

So, why did Tre leave Bachelor in Paradise? Here’s what we know!

Why did Tre leave Bachelor in Paradise? 

Following his exit, Tre claimed that he did not find what he was looking for on the show. He revealed he decided to walk away after realizing that  Tahzjuan wasn’t the one for him. 

He said, “For me and Tahzj, I saw a connection early on and I wanted to explore it.” Tre further added, “We had some good moments but, looking at the whole big picture, I realized Tahzj wasn’t my person.”

Tre also said that he was in a place where he didn’t want to be. Before leaving the show, Tre told Tahzjuan: “I want you to know that I don’t feel that we are right for each other. I think our communication could have been better. … It’s time for me to go.”

Tahzjuan leaves the show too

Even though Tre made it clear that he and Tahzjuan weren’t right for each other, the latter couldn’t continue on the show without him. 

After Tre left, Tahzjuan also walked out of the show, thus leaving fans further disappointed. 

Talking about her decision to leave, the contestant said: “I’m just done with love. I give up, I didn’t want my time here to be cut short but there are no options left.

“I came to Paradise to be able to find love and it didn’t work out—again. This is, like, my worst nightmare.”

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Shocked fans react to the exit

After it was revealed on Bachelor in Paradise that Tre had left the show, the reality star took to Twitter to share a tweet that read: “I’m gonna make someone’s daughter extremely happy one day, I can feel it. I appreciate everyone who showed me love/grace this season. “

No sooner, fans voiced their opinion on Twitter about Tre and Tahzjuan’s rather unexpected departure. 

One tweeted: “You could see from a mile away that Tre and Tahzjuan had zero chemistry, I’m not surprised by this”

Another added: “I wish we got to see more of Tre and Tahzjuan cause I feel like I missed this “rocky relationship”

“So glad Tre is leaving!!!!! I mean sure it’s weird that you and your uncle kissed the same girl but beyond that, Tahz didn’t even like you,” tweeted another.

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