Why does Jess have two different coloured eyes? Love Island 2020!

Love Island is back, with an extra series in 2020 for you to sink your teeth into.

The show started on January 12th 2020 at and has already been full of shocks, drama and surprise entrances.

The Islanders took part in a quiz to find out which couple knows the most about each other, where Nas appeared to have been friend-zoned again after his partner Jess revealed one of her turn-ons were tall men – poor Nas!

When Nas was questioned on what Jess thinks her best feature was he said bum/eyes followed by the advice that his answer was because Jess has two different coloured eyes. So how does she have two different coloured eyes?

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Who is Jess Gale and what colour are her eyes?

Jess Gale is the remaining twin in Winter Love Island. She is 20 years old and is currently matched with Nas in the series.

The blonde bombshell has one green eye and one blue eye, which is pretty cool. Lovely Nas advised he is a big fan of her eyes during the task.

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From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR6 on ITV2
Pictured: Jess (in green) and Eve (in pink)

How does this happen?

The name for the eye condition is called Complete Heterochromia. It comes from the Greek word heteros, which means different, and Chroma, which means colour.

Heterochromia is caused by variations in the melanin which determines our eye colour, according to All About Vision. When it comes to blue eyes, they have the least amount of melanin in the iris, whereas a brown iris has the most.

The condition is usually considered captivating and a number of celebrities have it too, including Mila Kunis.

From ITV Studios

Love Island: SR6 on ITV2
Pictured: Eve and Jess Gale.

Does twin Eve also have this?

Her twin Eve doesn’t have two different coloured eyes, she just has blue eyes.

When the identical twins first entered the villa, Eve actually advised fellow contestants Mike Boatang and Callum Jones that’s how people tell them apart.

How to watch Love Island 2020

If you’re in the UK, Love Island can be seen on ITV 2 at 9 pm every weeknight and Sunday, while also being available on catch up via the ITV Hub.

For the US viewers who want to watch Winter Love Island, you can do so via a VPN which changes your IP address, to find out more about this method check out this post here.




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