Love Island 2019 is still in its teething period, with some 20+ contestants expected to waltz through the doors over another seven weeks of scorching Majorca drama.

However, historically, fans have carried a soft spot for the original cast members and to tend to side with them over each new Bombshell entry.

That’s exactly the case with Yewande Biala, who fans are desperate to see fall head over heels in love.

Cough, cough… with Michael Griffiths.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep6 on ITV2
Pictured: The Islanders have a breakfast date: Yewande and Michael.

Why we want Yewande and Michael to couple up

Point 1: The Samira situation

Fans of Love Island 2018 had their hearts broken as Samira Mighty proved unlucky in love for the large part of the show.

An original cast member on series 4, Samira failed to couple up with anyone romantically, which in turn meant that she had a lot less camera time than other cast members.

We’re already seeing the same with Yewande.

Samira has already spoken out about the current ITV2 series, slamming the show for casting Yewande as the series “token black woman”, just like she was in 2018.

Samira Mighty Love Island 2018
Samira Mighty Love Island 2018

Point 2: The unspoken Michael and Yewande chemistry

Yewande and Michael shared a kiss during a game and although they both palmed it off as nothing romantic, they did agree that it was a good kiss.

Given, Yewande said it was like “kissing her brother… in a good way” but we can brush past that head-scratching statement in honour of their blossoming relationship.

Michael and Yewande have looked effortlessly in-sync whenever they are on-screen and have spoken out about their close friendship.

As they say, the best way to fall in love is to meet your best friend first.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep6 on ITV2
Pictured: The Islanders face a challenge: Michael and Yewande.

Will Yewande and Michael happen?

Unfortunately, it looks like new-guy Danny may swoop in for Yewande, with the male model enjoying a date with both her and Amber Gill.

However, whether someone makes a move for Yewande or not, she will always be close to Michael in the villa.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep6 on ITV2
Pictured: Yewande goes on a date with Danny.
From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep6 on ITV2
Pictured: Danny waits for his date.

There’s still another 50+ day left in the villa and it’s likely that Yewande and Michael will remain on the show by the vote of the general public.

All it takes is one sparkling date for the winners of Love Island 2019 to suddenly form…

How to watch Love Island 2019

New episodes of Love Island air from Sunday-Friday on ITV2 at 9 pm.

After each episode, there is an extra show called Love Island Aftersun that airs at 10 pm.

Alternatively, there is a highlight show recapping all of the best action from the week every Saturday night at 9 pm while all episodes are uploaded to the ITV Hub shortly after broadcast.


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