Much like the rom-coms we all secretly love, Lovestruck High is a new Amazon dating show that follows a group of 17 singles from the UK as they attend an American high school to find love.

The winner will take their high school sweetheart to prom at the end of the show and also take home a whopping £100,000.

Many of the contestants ended up finding a partner but who bagged the prize money? Reality Titbit has all the details on the winners of Lovestruck high and whether they are still together or not. Check it out.

Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: Bigfoot | Official Trailer | discovery+

Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: Bigfoot | Official Trailer | discovery+
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Who won Lovestruck high?

The winners of Lovestruck High were Jess Doolan and Kyle Coleman. Let’s find out more about the couple’s journey on the reality show.

Jess came to the show trying to find love. She was the programme’s only female bisexual contestant but she was left disappointed as no one matched her standards, that was until Kyle arrived.

Jess met Kyle at “camp crush” and was smitten with him from the word go. At the camp, they spent a lot of time together and realized they had a lot of mutual interests.

The pair remained together from that moment and ended up being crowned prom king and queen and taking home the grand cash prize.

Are Jess and Kyle still together?

Since filming finished, the pair appear to have been keeping their relationship status under wraps.

They were open with showing their interest in one another on the show but it appears that they have now either broken up or are choosing to keep their relationship private.

They still follow each other on social media but have hardly interacted with the public since the show aired. However, the couple had such electric chemistry and connection and with no indication of a breakup, we like to assume that they are still together.

Lovestruck High is amazons first LGBTQIA+ dating show

The dating show is Amazon Prime’s first-ever reality show and it is also LGBTQIA+ inclusive! The trailer displayed a super cringy moment where a male contestant says “you’re my type” to which a female replies “I’m actually a lesbian.”

This makes the Amazon show very unique as other reality dating shows have been criticised for their lack of diversity in the past which Lovestruck High is aiming to break away from.

Contestant, Junaid Ahmed, told the Daily Star that the show is, “so diverse and has a range of different people from backgrounds to sexualities, colour… I come from a Muslim background, where is there anyone like me on mainstream TV?”

Lovestruck High launches on Prime Video on 18th May 2022

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