90 Day Fiance: Yara admits getting nose job - before and after plastic surgery pics!

Yara and her love life is closely followed on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, but it looks like viewers are more interested in whether she had a nose job.

It is the series which captures the reality of having a relationship across the border, which usually involves trying to get a K-1 visa and marry them.

Yara and Jovi are one of several couples who feature on the reality TV show. It has recently come to light that Yara may have had a nose job.

So, has Yara actually had a nose job? What did she look like before plastic surgery? Let’s explore the rumors circulating social media…

Screenshot: Yara Zaya, Julia and Yara Argue Over Cosmetic Surgery | 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

90 Day Fiance fans react to Yara’s nose job

Looking at social media, there is a clear divide between those who are backing Yara for admitting she had a nose job, and those who don’t agree.

Rumor has it that she recently lied about having plastic surgery, with several sources stating she denied the claims two weeks ago.

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One viewer wrote: “Is this the same Yara who in her IG said she never done any surgery and its only bad makeup when she was young. Now she is playing all this ‘love urself’ trend. Oh please be honest.”

Another said: “Yes I agree with Yara. It’s your body you can do with it what you want period.”

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Yara admits she had a nose job

During a debate between the 90 Day Fiance wives on April 11th, Yara spoke up to say that she sees nothing wrong with plastic surgery.

She said:

If somebody don’t like something on themselves, change it. Yes, you need to love yourself the way you are, but if you can’t accept something, it’s okay to change it, we are living in 2021. I had an issue, my nose is a potato, so let me do something to that.

On April 11th, Yara revealed she had a nose job, and said that four years ago she was doing her lips as well.

She clashed with Julia over the topic, who said that if a man loves you, then that’s “perfect”, adding that you don’t need to change through surgery.

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Before and after pics: Yara’s nose job

Looking through Instagram, it’s clear that Yara’s nose looks significantly different now, but has appeared the same for several years.

It is thought that Yara admitted having a nose job in 2014, which she later reportedly denied on Instagram.

Several fans have found pictures of her from reality TV appearances, which took place when she was 19 and known as Yaroslava back home.

One fan thinks that Yara “needed that nose job” on Twitter.



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