Who is Charlene White’s partner? Exploring Loose Women host’s relationship

Who is Charlene White’s partner? Let’s explore the recent Loose Women host’s relationship as fans celebrate her addition.

For many, tuning into Loose Women is simply a must.

The British talk show has run since 1999 and sees a panel of presenters address topical issues, chat about life and interview exciting celebrities.

It’s become a haven for all things news for fans, and in January 2021, Charlene White was announced as a new host!

This news follows the departure of Andrea McLean and Saira Khan from the show.

The 40-year-old British journalist shared her enthusiasm, explaining: “’I’m absolutely stoked, I’ve been buzzing all this time to reveal that I’m the new anchor on Loose Woman.”

In wake of the announcement, some are wondering who her partner is…

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Who is Charlene White’s partner?

  • Charlene’s partner is named Andy and they have two children together.

As highlighted by The Net Line, the pair first met at a party in 2015 and Charlene revealed that she knew that he was “the one” straight away.

They got to know each other very quickly and the relationship was strong in no time. Soon, they moved in together and were then expecting their first child, with Charlene explaining that her family were thrilled with the news; they previously believed she had no plans to start her own family.

Their son Alfie was born in August 2017 and they then had a daughter – Florence – in October 2019.

It’s currently uncertain if Charlene and Andy are married, but they live together with their children in South London.

As for Andy’s line of work, the Telegraph notes that he is an executive producer.

Follow her on Instagram

If you’re keen to check out snaps of Charlene and the family, then it’s definitely worth following her on Instagram.

You can find her at @charlenewhite; she currently has 20k followers.

In an Instagram post, she said of her kids: “They love playing together, and Alfie loves being in charge and telling her off. And Florence mostly just kills herself laughing every time he has a tantrum. Amongst all the bad stuff… watching these two getting to know each other has been the good stuff.”

Fans welcome Charlene White to Loose Women

Since the news was officially announced, a number of her fans have celebrated her addition over on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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